Official NFloyd's Original Art Thread. (Does anyone care about poets anymore? )

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    [edit] guess not...

    well, i'm a writer and musician. While I am currently working on my novel, i'm generally just a poetic person. I'll write a poem here for the heck of it, and i'll probably continue to post more and more in this thread. Even in the novel i'm finishing up, everything is written with a bit of a poetic side. And this all originated in about 8th grade when i started writing music... my poems become lyrics, much in the way that Jim Morrison wrote almost only poems that he could transpose into the songs written by The Doors. Anyways, i'll freestyle one for you guys now, and post some more well done (some already finished) ones here and there... i have plenty of material, i've finished up about 15 moleskine notebooks of poems and lyrics.

    Life's a Day

    These days are all the same, a game of never-ending nothing
    Nodding off in solitude, nurturing a life so destitute in and of itself.
    Culturing this nothing into something just as meaningless; I walk
    dark, dangerous alleys, as consequence is of no matter. I cannot
    see a future, and most memories have passed. stuck in the grind of
    the ever-present, is tomorrow here at last?
    What difference would it make?
    What changes could i make?
    Wish i could live for myself, but i strive for
    everyone else's sake.
    I fake,
    I fake a lot. My reality
    it's like a play, in which all the heroes static,
    and the climax has been slain.
    I bet you can't imagine it. I bet you think you could. Try as I live it day to day.
    I feel inertia, such potential, and i see tasteful grandiosity-
    hindered by this recipe, unmotivated with a hint of apathy.
    Someone save me, i could be great.
    Or someone take me, please, for heaven's sake.

    I literally just wrote this off the top of my head for this thread. just wanted to get some feelings written out: the only way i know how. I'll start posting the good ones in the near future once i get them either copyrighted or published. The ones i do post are in my older moleskines which have been copyrighted so i'll get some of them up. heres a sample one now (this is a rare one of mine... possibly the only one that isn't super dark, cynical, apathetic, depressed, etc):

    Untitled and Unfinished

    Tonight I'll scout for shooting stars,
    'cause i can't find a penny, or an eleven-eleven clock
    tonight i sure could use some luck
    but i'm running out and the hour hand's struck
    So I'm running and running to get home before midnight
    now the carriage, a pumpkin, and the horses all mice
    and i'm holding this shoe that belongs to you
    but you're faceless to me, sure as i am too, you
    don't know who i am
    but i could sure use a hand,
    molding the damn for our castle of sand
    we could live there forever,
    the ocean, our yard.
    the stars for our ceiling
    and God, the lifeguard.
    fantastical visions, i see them with you.
    please, try on this peculiar shoe.
    and we'll throw it in the ocean, let it float far away
    until it appears before someone else lonely,
    bringing him luck once upon a day.
    Here, you won't need any glass slipper shoe
    you'll walk bare with mother nature
    and things will be greater, than any
    wish upon a star could ever ensue.
  2. :) I support this thread. I can already tell that you stuff is great just off of Untitled and Unfinished.

    Post more please!

  3. Thanks!!!

    Here's one i wrote, i think on the comedown of a trip, last winter. Its kind of trippy, but it makes sense to me (it started, and ended, about music and playing guitar)-

    Making music, assembling sounds, bathing in silence all around. Dirty jeans that don't need washing, a clean slate that now is broken.
    A paranoid schizophrenic, too empathetic, it's pathetic.
    I can't feel since I can't touch, though reality is much more, less we learn to think.
    Un-think the world around, flip it upside-down; what you see's not what you get, cause where life lies is in my head.
    Why work to make a living? rather live to make a killing. Don't murder any dreams you love, for dreams un-birthed are deprived of the happiness thats so subjective, introspective sadness from impossibility to madness. So sane, the glitches in my mind, id rather die then live to not be alive.
    To hold the neck in my hands, making sounds i didn't understand. It doesn't always need a speaker, and weaker can be fine on time - so long as you strum a strong acoustic song - more electric than the hard-rock casino, this is me, ________ _________ (name rhymes)

  4. post all of them and i'll read them. :smoke:
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    thanks man... Yem: The only person left in the world who cares about/enjoys poetry :p

    it's nice knowing at least someone enjoys one's own work. i don't get much feedback because i hardly show anybody i know my work, especially since a lot of it reveals the very depths of my soul. I'll post some of my lyrics too, they're good but not quite as poetic - when i can make my actual poems work in a song its absolutely fantastic. I came back to this thread right now to delete it, with the reason being "guess not," lol, but i suppose i'll keep it now - if one person enjoys it, thats enough for me. its a shame we live in such an (exponentially growing [it seems]) uncultured society. thanks again bud! the feedback means a lot. constructive criticism is also welcome - feel free to completely tear them apart, or commend them - either works! lol

    i really wish more people enjoyed/cared about poetry- call me lame but i absolutely love it; reading or writing it.

    Thanks again YEM, glad "You Enjoy Myself."

    [Edit] I'll post (or perhaps even write) another one later on tonight, probably sometime around midnight(ish)
  6. I feel the exact same way that you do, Floyd.

    I used to post a bunch of my writing (poems mainly, songs, stories) but I would hardly get any feedback on them and the threads died. When I discovered the artist's corner, I had high hopes of sharing my work, but after a few unsuccessful posts, I gave up. I would get like 500 views and 2 comments. I just don't understand how some of the post's in the artist's corner get so much attention, yet the good one's (mainly post's without drawings, painting, etc) seem to be blown off. But I realized that even though people may not comment, they are still in some way influenced or affected by reading the words I wrote. And like you, I don't share what I write with anyone, except occasionally my brothers. If you keep posting I'll keep reading.

    PS- this thread may have just inspired me to give it another shot. lol cheers.
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    Thanks for reading! it means a lot

    1. Exactly, thats why i figured i'll keep posting
    2. yeah same, i don't show any family though, just my one friend who thinks very similarly to me, and my bandmates. sometimes an occasional one for a/the girl - certain ones for certain people. all of them are fair game on GC though!
    3. awesome, love to hear that! feel free to leave feedback, or simply kick back and enjoy 'em
    4. awesome! go for it man i'll definitely read em. feel free to post some up in my thread if ya want

    again, i'm gonna post something up here tonight, i gotta head out quick to buy some inspiration lol - hopefully i'll produce something good and post what i write tonight - if not i'll find a good one in one of my moleskines.

    thanks to all of you who read, whether you commented or not!

    [edit] sorry couldnt get anything done tonight, was in the hospital from 12-3am. everythings a-ok though... so, tomorrow, something good... maybe someone cares

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