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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Johnny Blazed, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. as far as tanking goes, i think it can benefit a team if they really hit a homerun with their pick. but in general, i think any team in the NFL is capable of having a stellar draft, whether they pick 1st or 32nd. teams like the pats and steelers have proven this many times while routinely picking later in the draft. it really just comes down to how well you scout and how good you are at finding players that fit your system.

    i think tanking is a much more viable strategy in the NBA because one great player can truly change your entire franchise in basketball, whereas in football one great player wont do much if the rest of your team is shit.
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  2. Bills fan huh? You from buffalo?

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  3. nah im from syracuse, my mom's side of the family is from buffalo.

    my dad's side of the family is from pittsburgh.

    i missed the boat on that one lol
  4. Cool. I’m a Bears Fan (Loved that game!!!) saw the bills beat us in Chicago a few years ago. But I live close to Buffalo. Nice to see a fellow NYer. You thinking about moving after the election, lol?

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  5. lol nah i dont care about politics that much man. its all about money.

    i was supposed to go to the bills/bears actually but had to sell the tickets cuz something else came up. and im glad i didnt go lol.
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  6. I agree he is still high on qbr but last week he stunk BAD. Did he even get 150 yards? He is the weakest link on a very good team, a liability. He is asked to not lose, not to go win it. Do any of you remember Trent Dilfer? Chicago has a small window to pull this off, but the lack of a decent qb and all the money on defense in a offensive league is going to haunt them for years to come imo.... see Seattle. Chicago made a gamble that it could stack its defense and cash in on a cheap qb that has not signed a deal yet. All the while hoping he would develop and they could be the next Seattle Seahawks and ride their defense and a young qb in his initial contract until he is owed qb money or let go. After next season when they get their first round pick back I expect a huge yard sale in Chicago on both sides of the ball. The more I think about it the more I think mack won't see the end of that contract. How many millions are you guys paying per sack and is it a good return on investment? To this point he has been paid the equivalent of 700,000 per tackle and 2.8 million per sack on just his 2018 contract. Not counting signing bonus of what 60 mil? I would rather we raiders would have kept him he is my favorite player but I don't think he is worth that kind of money.

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  7. Sorry man. That’s a bad assessment. He wasn’t terrible last game. He was 12/20 for 135 yds 1 TD and 1 INT. He just didn’t need to do much. Our defense dominated, and with starting field position in Buffalo territory the majority of the game, we leaned on the run. 42 points on a top 10 defense is damn good, without unleashing the pass.

    He’s going to be a great quarterback. Already better than most we’ve ever had. No firesale on the bears either as we are very cap friendly and have a young roster getting set to be a force for years to come. Our GM has made some great decisions the last few years which has put us in a place to compete this year, a year or two ahead of schedule.

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  8. i agree with soil2coco. your assessments are pretty far off from reality.

    first of all, mitch triscuit is only in his 2nd year and he looks much better this year than he did last year. why dont you exercise a little patience before claiming he is a garbage ass QB? he is making progress and he doesnt really have the best wrs either(they are okay as a group but nothing special).

    however, i dont see Triscuit becoming a "great" qb like Soil2coco says. i think he can be pretty good to very good, but i dont foresee him becoming "great". i think thats a little bit of a stretch based on what we've seen so far, but you never know.

    2nd of all your assessment of khalil mack and his contract is out of wack. defensive ends dont get paid to make tackles. they get paid to rush the passer and make impact plays. so far in 6 games played this year he has 5 sacks and 4 forced fumbles, plus an interception and a TD. not to mention however many times he's hurried the QB without getting a sack(still an impact play as it throws timing off and makes the qb make a rushed decision/bad throw).

    also the idea that its an offensive league so defense doesnt matter is BS. defense matters even more now because its harder to play good defense in today's league. so a premier defensive player who effects the passing game is even more valuable than ever before.

    it is the highest scoring season thus far in NFL history i believe, so the team that can get those extra 1 or 2 stops throughout the game has the advantage.
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  9. When I say he’s going to be a great qb, you have to understand where I’m coming from as a bears fan, lol. He will be a great “Bears QB”!!

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  10. oh okay, so he will be painfully mediocre and carried by an elite defense to his only super bowl?

    gotcha ;)
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  11. Like I said mack is my favorite player and I think he is a beast! But I stand by my comments and especially him not being worth that kind of money. Remember the best ability is availability.... he has never missed a game as a raider in 4 years. Maybe they will start to pile up? He is getting older no? For the record when it comes to football I have been wrong more times than right so yeah lol.
    But I do think your QB sucks, and he will be gone. Your offense is gross with him at the controls. He is asked to manage it and just dont lose. And apparantly Jim Miller and tge whole Sirius radio crew echo my thoughts. He is struggling to uphold his part of the deal.

    But when Trubisky is off, he's really off.
    Last week, Trubisky missed 24 throws against New England. The Bears aren't going to defeat many playoff-caliber teams when their quarterback is 13-of-25 passing through three quarters.
    The Bears did enough offensively to take care of the Jets, as expected. The next step is for Trubisky to string together four solid quarters. That hasn't happened since his six-touchdown-pass game against the Bucs on Sept. 30.
    As Chicago's record continues to improve, Trubisky will be under more scrutiny each week.
    How Trubisky responds to the pressure will determine whether the Bears can truly challenge for the postseason.
    Right now, it looks 50-50.

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  12. Woah terrible triscuits is on fire today. If he plays like this da bears are scary

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