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Football Official NFL Thread

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Johnny Blazed, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. marketing peeps are freaking out, as the nfloser league implodes upon itself.

    turkey day rating down almost 25% across the board, and everyone is losing money.

    the only thing that makes me happier than seeing these dikheds lose, was to see lauer lose his job.
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  2. As someone who grew up loving the nfl and used to pay 400 a yr and go to a game or two i havnt watched hardly at all this year. Started last year. The nfl is a shadow of its former self pussified by player union's rich snotty teenagers. Letting the players union have this much control is exactly why the nfl sucks ass. Parity isnt working folks... and go wonder it never does in anything, literally never! The nfl has to drop its socialistic model and cater to us fans if it wants to survive.
    I wonder how long it takes for congress to declare the nfl to big to fail and subsidises it?

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  3. I've been trying to watch the NFL die 2 years ago. CTE, they don't pay taxes and player whining and stepping n flags. perfect storm
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  4. I’ve never watched this least amount of football in my life

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  5. I mean....nevermind all the other reasons people may not be tuning in right now.... when you go from a game last year in the Cowboys vs. Redskins, historic rivalry with Dallas as the best record in the NFC and the Redskins also in playoff contention...........flip to this years game the Cowboys vs. Chargers, with Dallas sucking hard...without their best player due to being suspended (he would have at least had fantasy owners tuned in).. and their playing the fucking Chargers out of the AFC. of course the ratings plummeted
  6. I'm still watching the Pats but I'm not consuming nearly as much football as I used to. The night games just don't seem worth staying up for anymore.
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  7. woo niners you still play like shit but a dub is a dub
  8. Gronk should probably be suspended for a game for that late hit. Don't know what he was thinking, guy was clearly down.

    Ben McAdoo is out as giants head coach. Funny, I thought the giants usually waited until after the season to make a coaching change.
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  9. And now Eli Manning is getting the start next week. Way to blow up the consecutive start streak for nothing.
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  10. ..,.seething

    Fucking wow I’ve never disliked a coach this much in anything.


    the day he gets fired is the day I throw a fucking party


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  11. Oh shit my friend just told me both Mcadoo and Reese are fired. That made my fucking DAY!

    Throwing a cheesburger/liquor party tonight and all y’all motherfuckers are invited.

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  12. Almost always. This is definitely goin against protocol

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  13. That block on Burfict was heavy. Feeling for shazier.
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  14. mann I can't believe how he coulda been the Eagles coach instead of Doug P.

    Reminded me of the Chip Kelly run here. Get em outta here!
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  15. As a cowboys fan I was all for chip Kelly as the Eagles coach :)

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  16. Giants beating Dallass on Sunday

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  17. How bout dem cowboys !
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  18. Jaguars proving day, lets see if they are who we thought they were
  19. Which is?
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  20. What in the fuck Vikings, get your shit together!

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