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Football Official NFL Thread

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Johnny Blazed, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. My point remains

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  2. Year 2 of Wentz and Pederson feels goodman. Would love to see em get into the playoffs this year. Lotta games left to play but this is looking like the best team we've had in like 10 years.

    p.s. Fuck Pete Morelli!
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  3. thanks in advance, jed
    just wanted to say thanks again
  4. cmon 9ers do something with your lives

    update: Garcon is a wizard, Harry! cmon 9ers!
  5. and are the Saints really abouta take an L after being up 45-10 ? nuts
  6. Lose to a winless chargers one week and then beat the Donkeys convincingly using pretty much all back ups the next week.

    Most Inconsistent team for the 10 years

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  7. Defense remembered how to football? Good on them. Nobody wanted to see 0-6...even me. Mainly cause I don't want to see ya selecting in the top 5 come April, but also cause yall ain't 0-6 material.. like the Browns

    I feel for 9ers fans. That team has battled every week...against some pretty good teams, too. gotta learn how to finish
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  8. In the falcons locker room right now [​IMG]

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  9. My girlfriend’s dad invited me to an event at the stadium and we got a tour of the place
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  10. Oh neat, we traded Bowman to the raiders.
    Thanks, Jed.
    Thanks, Jed, buddy, pal.
  11. Yeah great job don't tackle anyone just watch dude run by you
    thanks again jed
  12. The Patriots fans are why I root against them every time they play in Gillette
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  13. Yup. Fans of Boston sports teams (lump NE into this) are just the worst.

    And a lot of people seem to agree

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  14. Boston fans are the best fans. Everyone loves to hate on Boston...
  15. what's to love about hating someone/something?

    I wish I loved Boston fans....but, what can ya do? every time I watch a Patriots home game I get a very 'spoiled brat' kinda vibe through my television, and it is then confirmed once there is a flag thrown against your team. it's like you guys don't even realize your one of the most aided teams in the league by the refs or something.
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  16. We've definitely benefited from a lot of pass interference and other penalties on the defense but we've had our share of bad calls going against us as well.

    And we are spoiled in a way because of how often we've seen our team win. That's not going to last forever because the team isn't going to win forever. We're in for a rude awakening when the Brady/Belichick era ends.

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