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Discussion in 'General' started by Still Smokin, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. Tonight we got the New England Patriots of the AFC East and the the Cincinnatti Bengals of the AFC North battling. Does New England have to many weapons for the Bengals to handle? Or we will see Carson and company command the game and upset the mighty Pats? I've always been a huge Bengals fan growing up so of course im rooting for my boys in Cincy. Pats look damn good this year but I think cincy is gunna pull a major upset tonight. Defense will step it up and you will see Carson and Johnson hook up in the end zone all night. The Pats put a stomping on the Bengals in Cincy last year on a Monday night, but NOT tonight. My call: Bengals 27 - Pats 20
  2. man, i cant believe the gators lost vs. auburn. it was a total buzz kill.
  3. i doubt the bengals defense can hold the pats to 20, i predict the pats putting up 20 in the first half


    bengals - 24

    pats - 41
  4. that was actually the highlight of my weekend, sorry SS.

    I am also going with Cincy, just got this feeling that they are gonna pull somethin out of their ass tonight. Pats are gonna have to play worse than the have all year for that to happen though.
  5. The Pats are the team to beat, the only team that might be able to beat them is indy. Patriots are just too damn good for anybody.
  6. The 38 Special is going to keep on firin'

    Patriots 38 - Bengals 21
  7. Well it's 10-7 Pats in the 2nd quarter right now. The final outcome will be Pats-30 Bengals - 21
  8. my boys will pull the upset, dont worry, bengals pull out in the end of a 4th quarter shoot out
  9. the bengals defense is really impressing me, i got hope foe them

    off topic how many points did the browns put up on the cinci a week or 2 ago?
  10. Patriots are making a statement running the ball. I cant WAIT until they play Indy.
  11. Week 2 Bengals 45 Browns 51.
  12. im a steelers fan so i naturally dislike the bengals, but ive never liked the patriots either but i think the pats will win.
  13. looks like evrybody was wrong, including me

    i hateo say it but the cheating pst look great

    excuse mt mistakes im fuck in xanax and beeer, shit i proly wont ever remember this game, all my xanax folk know what in talikng about

    and i had to work my ass to type that shit right

    and i think the pats are the best in league, even tho their cheaters

    time to catchup on my weeds you heard me?
  14. Fuckin A..

    Cincy could not do shit on defense. I was wrong.. and the Pats put the smack down on my Bengals. Oh well, atleast Moss got me mad fantasy points and a win. Carson looked like shit tonight. Sammy Morris had a huge game. Good game overall.

    edit: Next week we have the Dallas Cowboys at the Buffalo Bills as the MNF premier. See ya then
  15. Pats vs Cowboys in the Super Bowl. It's gonna be 90's dynasty vs 2000's dynasty. Should be a good one

  16. Umm no. The pats will not make it past Indianopolis this year either. They will lose again like they did last year. As far as the cowboys go, they will have to make it past green bay this year and Favre wants to retire with another ring.
  17. dont count the bucs out, we're solid on both sides of the ball and have a great o-line
  18. Less then an hour till kick-off. I predict Bills win well i hope because i'm a diehard bills fan. I do realize tho that there is a strong possibility of a blow out.
  19. @ stillsmoking, i got Romo up for trade if you give me a good RB

    either way i got TO and Marshawn Lynch on my GC fantasy team and i hope both put up alot of points
  20. So tonight we have the Dallas Cowboys against the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo for the first time in 13 years! It might possibly be one of the biggest mis-matches of the season so far with the high powered offense of Dallas via Tony Romo, against the poorly ranked Bills defense. Got the bong ready, beers are cold, pizza on the way. My call: Bills 17 - 'Boys 34

    edit: ondrugz, I'll put some thought in that. I'll let you know if I have an offer

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