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    here it is, the medicinal LSD thread. if you think LSD has little or no medicinal value, you are sadly incorrect.

    do a quick google search. check out wikipedia, LSD has alot of potential as a medicine for many mental/anxiety disorders.

    but a question to start the conversation off, how possible is it for this to be a legal medicine in the us or for that matter any country?

    my main concern of its legality. from all my recreation experience with LSD, while tripping, i have noticed by OCD significantly decrease. if i were to guess why it is so helpful, well basically my mind is just too 'occupied' to have obsessions. LSD helped my OCD more than 20 weeks on Zoloft and any amount of Xanax or Klonopin, in just its first use. without placebo because i found the quote below after coming to the above conclusion.

    as well, yes, cannabis is a good and probably more realistic medicine for OCD but i find cannabis can either throw me into an 'obsession' attack or absolutely mellow me out from all obsessions. where as LSD can simply always distract me from my obsessions and even leave me conscious enough to do simply tasks.

    so share experiences and all thoughts/opinions on the topic.
    medicinal LSD ftw.:D.
  2. It's way too unpredictable/strong to even think of prescribing it as medication. You don't want to give it to someone to help some underlying psychiatric problems as it could intensify them unimaginably.
  3. reminds me of that house episode where he has a painful migrane, and drops LSD. the headache was gone
  4. mushrooms to heal cluster headaches. but yea similar idea, shit works. legalize it.
  5. what does it take to create your own country? hah
  6. this thread is 100% L.O.L.
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    indeed, 100% Lovely.Orgasmic.Lysergic-acid-diethylamide.

    like i said in my opening post, due some research or stfu.

  8. first off, i know its back from the dead, but i couldnt help it.

    secondly, you are the one who is incorrect. LEARN ABOUT IT. i hardly trust wikipedia as a reliable source.

    LSD will never again be considered as a viable option for treatment of patients with mental disorders for several reasons.

    i rest my case. that bieng said, i am an avid supporter and user of LSD and wouldnt mind its decriminialization/legalization (although i know its a far strech from reality)

    edit: and your grammar is terrible =p
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    figuring this forum is over four years old, a week and a half old thread isnt quiet back from the dead.

    thank you anyway but i am quite aware of erowid, in fact you were the one who first introduced it to me, no? and yes wikipedia isnt the most reliable source buts its not all just bullshit. link to my original quote, it is under "Alternative Drug Treatments". i feel if you read through the entire OCD page of wikipedia you will see a little more clearly.

    yes this is true due to the use of the drug by the counter culture in the late 60s and so on, building up a negative reputation, but if you were to look at this chemical much like Hofmann did, even after experiencing its effects, in the early 40s. as a unknown it defiantly shows potential in effective treatment for mental disorders at small doses. and its at least worth the try of legitimate research.

    in fact i disagree, seeing how psilocybin is already a legal recreational drug in the Netherlands. i see LSD as a potential decriminalized drug for recreational purposes in some countries. or maybe its more of a hope. :D.

    matter infact my grammar is perfect, according to firefox, except for the lack of space between 'a' and 'lot'. also this coming from the guy who miss spelled "stretch", "being" and "decriminalization". :p.

  10. For one, Erowid is not a research site, it merely states factual information. So you are dead wrong. Maps is the only true research site when it comes to the actual funding and research on LSD and other research chemicals. As proven in several studies, LSd at doses of 20 mics can be beneficial to those with mental disorders without incident. It has been used to treat alcoholism also. Recently it has been used for migraines and cluster headaches.

    I'm an old head, pre 80's LSD user, dealer, and rubbed elbows with some of the best LSD chemists in kown in the subculture. I'm a member of Maps and get regular updates on LSD, DOB, DOI, and other research chyemicals similar to LSD in effect being studied. Erowiud is great to learn the basics, but much of the info on LSD is outdated. Don;t get me wrong, it is a great site, just not up to date when it comes to the research world.


  11. got to bump my self medication. curious to know if anyone else has found LSD to be a unbelievably helpful treatment for OCD.
    i highly recommend it to all OCD suffers, it is effective where SSRI's and benzos are not.

    im am deeply in love with the ergot fungus. :D.
  12. Hmm. I wonder if lsd would be good for stress and anxiety? (Not taking it on a regular basis like benzos, but just a one time thing?)

  13. You can't compare LSD and psilocybin. LSD is the most potent psychedelic as far as dosage is concerned. A small amount can be enough doses for thousands when compared to psilocybin. Basically, it would be a lot safer handing a guy a bag of shroom which could be enough for 3 or 4 people, vs a tiny vial of LSD which can be enough to affect hundreds or even thousands.

    Hoffman did once say that he sees LSD as having a place in the medical community one day in the future, but that day is no where near. Humans are just to reckless and irresponsible right now to handle it. LSD is a medicine far beyond any other we have in existence, and to take a chance of reliving the 60s once again is a chance no one is going to take anytime soon. Maybe if LSD was kept in the confines of a medical laboratory in the 60s perhaps we would still be using it to treat the mentally ill today, but thanks to Timothy Leary and all those other folk who drove around their vans handing out LSD like candy who told a bunch of people to turn on, tune in, and drop out, LSD will not be used for a long time for ANY purpose. I would love for it to be used because I do believe that it has a future just like Hoffman, but unfortunately we just have to wait it out.
  14. Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters is the name your looking for.
    but as far as relating Psilocybin and LSD i dont quite see your point. yes LSD is more potent (less mass to achieve equivalent intoxication). still a effective medicine is a effective medicine, why fuck with that if its just because it has a easier potential for abuse as far as mass goes.

  15. Well I guess the safest way to ever distribute if it ever was allowed for recreational purposes would be blotter because one could raise chaos with a single vial. It's funny though because even though mushrooms can be bought legally from any store in Amsterdamn, LSD, along with many other drugs can be easily obtained in the street there as well. I watched a documentary called American Drug War: Last White Hope, and there was a crackhead smoking crack right out there in public in the light of day. So if that can be done, I'm pretty damn sure LSD is everywhere there.

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