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    So I know some of you out there have to have some weed related tattoos somewhere on your body. Post your pictures here. I will post mine as soon as I get a better camera cause the only picture I have now is really blurry and you really cant see the detail. Now I know some of you may think this is gonna be a dumb thread but I know there are blades out there that have weed incorporated some way or another in tattoos, so lets get posting.


    thats the best I have of it as of right now
  2. im thinkin bout gettin a robot on either my forearm or neck and its eyes arent gunna be eye balls or circles but marijuana leaves ...we'll see how dat shit goes when i get it done ill post
  3. interesting to say the least
  4. The guy who did my tattoo that I have has a Tattoo of Cheech and Chong passing a joint because he actually got to smoke with them after a show one time.

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