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    I am starting the thread with a simple rule. No fighting or name calling. I understand everyone is passionate about their teams but fighting will get you nowhere. Lets have some good adult baseball debating.
  2. in old man andy we trust
  3. Yes we do :D

    Lmao all it took was a few rogue Giants fans to get Caveman banned...the threads going to be boring now without his nonsense haha
  4. Goddammit

    326 pages in that other thread and all it took was a dumbass running his mouth constantly to fuck it up
  5. New thread new teams and new people, it's how it works. The Phillies are done and so is Caveman I hope he had fun being ignorant haha. This place will be better without him. GOOOOOOOO GIANTS!!!!!!!!
  6. the Phillies are scuffling offensively, hitting .212 as a team in their first four games of the postseason with three homers -- two of them on Saturday night. They face a left-hander in Sanchez who defeated them twice this year, once in Philly and the other in San Francisco.

    "I'm concerned with that," Manuel said. "We struck out 13 times tonight. I know we need to hit better and score some runs, of course. This guy we're facing on Sunday has got good stuff. If he gets ahead of us in the count, we've got to make him bring the ball up. There's not too many ways we can change our approach at this late date. We've got to put some balls in play and see if we can score some runs."
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    the Alcs has potential to be a classic

    i got the feeling that the yankees were never out of reach last night. it was a frustrating game to watch though
  8. I am gonna copy here what I wrote in the postseason poll thread.

    \t\t\t \t\t\tI am kind of amused at the confidence of the Giants fans on the baseball thread before it was closed. It is almost laughable how jubilent you all are over 1 win in a long 7 game series.

    Funnier thing is that if the Phillies were up 1-0 you wouldn't see any of us on here celebrating. The goal is winning the series and not just game 1.

    Game 1 means absolutely nothing at all. In case you aren't sure how to act since you all have never been here before you are supposed to wait till the 4th win to celebrate.

    GEEZ you would think the world series was all but in the bag. You wont be able to find a Giants fan anywhere around in a couple days. They are starting to seem like Mets fans the way they are coming out of the woodwork like cock roaches once they started winning. Well they will disappear back into that same woodwork like cockroaches once false hope bites them in the ass.

    Think of game 1 this way... You are up 1 to nothing after 1 and a half innings. I would put the pom poms down for now before you all look really stupid. Fear the beard?? You should find one that hasn't been used numerous times and beat to death and back. ORANGEOCTOBER??? WTF?[​IMG] What does that even mean?? Finally not ashamed to call it your season?? HUH?? You were ashamed of your squad for 162 games plus the NLDS? Guys act like you been here before would you. \t\t
    \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t \t\t\t \t\t\t\t__________________

  9. fear the beard!!!!
  10. AHAHA That is so used up and corny dude. At least come up with somethin more original

  11. I have been here before I know it'a 7 game series but you must remain confident in your team. The first game winner has won the NLCS 15 of the last 17 times. I have been here in 2002 (we nearly won WS) 2003 (playoffs) and again in 2010. I was a toddler in a Giants onsie when the 1989 Earthquake hit.
    Win or lose im gonna remain a Giants fan I sure am having fun this year with our team.
  12. so far ive missed

    nlcs game 1
    giants detroit
    minnesota dallas

    and soon to miss nlcs game 2

  13. why pHAM??? Fox cut out on you or somethin??
  14. [​IMG]

  15. fox cut cablevision out, yes. fox wants 80 million dollars more annually for the same 12 stations that cablevision currently pays 70 million for...

    fox lost 900 million dollars with the economy and shit recently or whatever so ways they are recooping is upping the cost for them to carry their signals.. dont worry fox will start fucking with other companies too, they are in disputes with directv as well, nov 1st they will black them out too, they will soon harass fios too
  16. dude will solve all your problems ;)
  17. Its about game time fellas remember Jonathan Sanchez? Well he no hit the Padres lets Gooooooooooo Giants!
  18. Is it just me or does anyone else in here want to see a salary cap instituted in MLB?

    Im a RedSox fan and am well aware at the money the Sox pay out. So its not just the fact that I HATE THE YANKEES and think they BUY THEIR CHAMPIONSHIPS.

    I just think the salaries are out of control and getting worse and I also think the season would be a lot more interesting if all the teams had a fair shot.

    Whats everyone else think?
  19. it wont happen, the players association would never allow it.

    the reason it works in football is because its nationally funded, while baseball is independently funded
  20. Anyone catch Sean Casey's pick before the game Giants in 5.

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