~ Official Lava Lamp Appreciation Thread ~

Discussion in 'General' started by tokesmoke69, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. I just got a lava lamp and I love it. I partook in the herb today, then stared into my lava lamp and went on a mystical joyride to the tunes of Jimi Hendrix. Post any pictures, videos, or stories pertaining to lava lamps of any sort. Or just explain why you love your lava lamp. Anything lava lamp related is acceptable here. Go!

  2. Lava lamps + psychedelics is the the way to go.  I've literally stared at one for the better part of an hour before
    Hell ya man! When I was staring at it earlier today it felt like a week but it was only like 2 hours. It was a sick experience.
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  4. This is awesome. He milks this thing at 2:38.

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