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  1. basically, what the title states.

    i'm curious to see what sort of stories will come about here. your kill story gets mine.
  2. I ran over a squirrel. What the fuck did you do man?
  3. I ran over a snake. A fucking HUGE one too.

    What'd you hit?
  4. wait.. road kills, or racing 'kills'?

  5. I thought OP meant he actully killed someone. I shared my kill, let's hear his
  6. I killed some dumbfuck kid in an escalade in my old t-bird :D he wanted to go, but wasnt willing to bring it in the end, passed him on the opposite side of the road with a brilliant line:rolleyes:
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    I guess I'm the only here that knows what you're talking about.

    I would just like to state before I write this out and any future tales of kill stories that I no longer condone street racing, but man was it fun shit when I was 17 18 19 years old.

    Back in the day when I had my Poopra. I was racing this dudes integra:)rolleyes:) I think he heard my bov pop when I blew by him. So he catches me at the light and rolls his window down

    Him: "you wanna race?"
    Me: (in redneck tone, just cause it's funny) "I bet my car will blow your car right off the road son"

    Anyway he starts revin his motor, why I don't know:confused: he burns up his clutch and lets a ROORIN tire rip off the line smoke and all not much but some. I just kinda sat there for a second wondering why, "that's not how you take off the line"

    So I take off quickly pull him to a 1/2 car length in about 3rd. Start floorin it and popped my bov going into 4th. As I blew by him waving my hand out the targa top.

    One of my more memorable ones, just cause it was fun. I have others but it's your turn.
  8. A ha... I see...

    Then I got a story too. But not a 'kill story', but 'got killed' story...


    It wasn't even an RB26, it was an SR20, and it wasn't event a DET, it was just a DE. SR20DE.

    The most... powerless engine available at the shop, probably... and it wasn't cheap either. The guys at the other shops were getting 1J at the same price as I got my SR20DE, but I was told that my shop was the BEST in installation, and that anyone who gets his car done at this shop, NEVER has any problems.

    So I put the SR20 in my Opel Omega...


    And I'm pretty happy with it... it's got good acceleration, not phenominal, but OK... and the top speed is at about 210 km/hr...

    So all in all, I'm happy with it.

    So I'm driving around and I stop at a traffic light. And THIS old man pulls up next to me.


    A Mitsubishi Champ.

    I tell you, the real one looked A LOT older than the one in the picture. The guy looks at me, I look at the guy, and at the green light, I hit the floor.

    I didn't even look at the guy. I assumed he was following a good distance behind me, but when I realized he wasn't in my rear view mirror, I wonder where he had gone, and I almost screamed when I saw him right next to my car!

    The guy was smiling... I could see him, totally relaxed... and when he leveled with me, he then floored his car and it was gone... it just easily cruised by me, when I was shitting lead trying to go as fast as I could... I was wondering, what the hell just happened???

    Did I just get 'killed' by a lousy Mitsubishi Champ????

    Hard to believe, but that's what happened, and it was a good lesson for me.

    Never judge a car by it's looks.
  9. I drive a big green machine, ford expedition with the 5.4, with minimal stuff done. Well I am glad to say, most crappy imports that people try to race with around here get smoked by it, and it makes me so happy to pull on someone with a giant SUV.

    The best ever was some dad driving his automatic mustang(son was in passenger seat), a 4.6L one with some stuff done, and the guy throught it would be funny to rev his engine at my friend's debadged lightning. This thing has a lot of power, way above stock, and he laughs. Well when the light changed, he had a perfect shot out of the hole, we hit about 130MPH and at the next light, the guy pulled up next to us and didn't look at us. We were sitting there making faces and laughing to hard at how we won before his dumb ass stopped spinning the tires pretty much.

    My best loss was definitely racing the kids lightning with my expedition, which I knew would lose, but we were bored. He purposely spun the tires for as long as he could, and he still beat me, but it was pretty funny watching him in my rearview and then flying past me
  10. i thought i hit a penguin once. turned out just to be a midget in a tux.
  11. Ill post my first ever death, because its pretty damn epic for my first race. I just got my Mach, still clumsy with the 5 speed at getting moving. Heading to Extreem Machines on 33 in NJ to checkout the bikes. I had to get gas first so I pulled into the Exxon on Rt9 by wooleys fish market (for you monmouth county people) and infront of me at the pump is a Baby blue widebody supra. We payed him complements but i didnt get to ask what he was putting down to the wheels. He leaves and shortly after I do too thinking im not going to see this guy again. Turns out hes goin the same way I am. We get onto 33 and I pull up next to him knowing what was going to happen. I got to ask my question: "what are you putting to the ground?" He holds up his left hand with all 5 fingers up and his right hand with his pointer middle and ring finger up. He then waved me forward to go, for a 5 second head start. Then i heard the sound of a massive turbo sucking in gratuitous amounts of air as he flew by me. I never saw something that awesome in my life. Finally caught back upto him and gave him two thumbs up.
  12. Nice...
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    It's not a kill story but in addition to your kill, well in your case fucked tale. I'd just like to say that since I've been into cars in my early teen days that Supras and Mustangs have been my all time favorite battles. I can never decide which one I want to win, it's like a badass black knight fighting a badass white knight and just makes it hard to choose. I'll post this vid, it's one of my favorite supra vs mustang battle. I will own a MKvi someday :devious:

    [ame=]YouTube - Cobra vs. Supra[/ame]

  14. :p

    one time i hit two squirrels at once; they were trying to drag a dead comrade out of the road. another time, the night i was in a bad accident actually, there was a baby pheasant in the road. i honked three or four times, it didn't move. so i hit it. it was just tall enough for the head to hit my license plate, and i watched in my rear view as it flopped its last couple moments away. i've also hit a cat (on accident) right in front of this house maybe 3 miles from my house. shitty thing was, it was right in front of the owner: a 7-8 year old girl. my uncle made a couple jokes about it, i still haven't quite lived it down. :eek:

    just about a week ago i killed an out of state mustang on route 1 northbound between bath and wiscasset. it was about 11PM and the mustang was going 5 under the limit (~45mph), so i decided to pass on a long straight. once i got in the other lane, the mustang "took off", so i floored it too. this was in my cousin's third gen firebird, btw. i passed the mustang at ~70, he shut down at about 90 when it became obvious he wasn't gonna catch me.

    thanks all, for the stories. maybe i'll find the motivation to type up a kill story with bimmer content.
  15. Aight, I wanna hear some bimmer I'll give ya another one.

    When I was working at my dealership, we had this 400hp 06 wrx. It was a pretty well done rex for the most part I really liked it, it was fast had a great stereo, very nice car just a little pricy. Anyway, I was comin back from pickin up some hot wings for my manager. Just as I was coming back I see it, a black Aston Martin least I think it was a DB7...I get a lot of Aston Martin's confused with other AM's. Anyway I decided, "I'm gonna get beat, but I just gotta do it anyway." I pull up next to him roll my window down to see if he's game. He accepts my offer and we go, Yeah well he walked me a little bit a first but once I hit fourth he was at least 5 car lengths ahead of me if not further...It was awesome, he was a stand up guy too with a nice car. Now if only I had taken the M6...I might have stood a bit better of a chance....or even the brabus v12...that woulda been a win for me I think.
  16. before the m20 was removed, i used to pick on all the honda guys because of the lack of a street racing scene in maine. (i have since taken it to the track) but this one time a ratty eg8 (yeah, a sedan) revved at me as we sat waiting for the light to change. normally i wouldn't waste my gas, but this fool needed to learn how to not make a fool of himself, as he had three passengers (which is dangerous on top of stupid).

    i let him get the jump, then reeled him in by the end of second (having 2.93's was great) and put a couple bus lengths on him by 3k rpms in third. watching him limp off was hilarious, because at the time, my bimmer looked rattier than his civic!

    that poor car gave him all it had but still couldn't hang with my 2.7L with 220k on it.
  17. hahahah that's an awesome term.
  18. one of my favorites, and something i'm just truly learning the meaning of since the swap.

  19. Aight, I got one for you.

    1st day, 1st car, on my way back from getting plates. This is my first time driving by myself and I have maybe had my 1993 saturn POS for 20 mintues.

    So I was fucking around on the freeway when a shitbox civic flys by and slows down. As I pull up close again he takes off, well kinda sputters off, as do I. We remain evenly matched through the turns, and over a bridge where he pulls right into an exit lane still going hard. The exit is a 270 degree turn that goes down back under the bridge, speed limit is 40km/h I was doing about 90, and gaining hard on this fucker. As I pull into the outside lane to make the pass I hit a little wet spot on the pavement and as soon as I tried to correct my line my ass end slid out. Sending me sideways into the curb doing between 60-80 km/h.

    Anyways, half an hour into my first car my drivers side rear tire was holding my car up from underneath. The tire assembly had been sheared off at the knuckle.
  20. ^ damn.

    sounded like the start of one of my kills, i was driving an old eg6 (civic hatch) and raced an old saturn sedan. only difference is, he didn't spin out. i waited for awhile after i got my license before i tried anything too risky, but even then i'd been driving since i was 8 or so.

    i'm guessing you don't do much streetracing anymore...?

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