**OFFICIAL** Ketamine Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by stigs, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Post here for all of you that love that Special K ;).
  2. something about that stuff, I dont think I like that trip at all haha.
  3. I've always wanted to try Special K.

    It's an animal tranquilizer so I would think it would be a downer, and make you feel relaxed like an opiate or something.

    How is the trip?
  4. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj8XOr4G8js"]YouTube - Special K scene from Party Monster[/ame]
  5. ROFL..."In other words, it fucks you UPPPP!"

    Ketamine is the fucking shit...only time I've done it, me and three other friends were fucking walking around like robots hahaha
  6. What is Ketamine like compared to Acid or Shrooms?
  7. I'd love to get my hands on some K but would have idea where to look. It's an unpopular drug by most's standard's.
  8. ive always wanted to try special k. shit sounds good from everyone i know whos done it.

  9. like it, but more of a dissociative depressant.
  10. i heard that shit FUCKS you up like percocet
  11. LOL sting operation anyone? buyketamineonline.com hahaha
  12. damn i love ketamine. so fun when your rollin to take a nice little line and watch visualizer with headphones and playlist and 3d glasses then crack a whipit and blow your mind. but thats the only time ill snort it.

    I also love it for IM i didnt have enought to Khole via IM but im gonna tell my freind to buy a vial next time he goes to mex and well split it. 250mg for IM and 250mg for when I roll again. when ever the fuck that may be...
  13. Not like an opiate really. More like being drunk with some visual effects which aren't psychedelic in the traditional sense, they aren't really colourful but if you go into a K-hole it can take you anywhere, although usually i find it doesn't really, just makes the room you are in look completely different. Its very hard to explain
  14. hahah i love all these people asking about what K is like..i done K multiple multiple times, its one of those drugs that you just have to try yourself to understand.

    i love that little clip.." it fucksss you UPPP" hahaha

    EDIT i have the same jar that he pours the k out of..they usally have little symbols on them like apples
  15. K is the shit! lol

    it is a very hard drug to come across, unless you rave a lot or know people who do. in which case it seems to be everywhere hah.

    and yeah its really hard to explains it. ya just gotta do it! hah
  16. I love the feeling of jumping around and dancing after hitting a line.
  17. is it anything like high doses of dxm?
  18. I am starting to go off K finally after realising that it just made me feel shitty. I got to the point of sniffing over a half gram in each line whenever I had one and in the mornings i felt half hung over, half on a come down and every once in a while pissing was agony. K really fucks you up so this is a warning to all you aspiring K heads. Its a great drug though.
  19. dude that shit fucks you up, I dont see how you can dance on a dance floor after snorting a line haha, there is no way no way.

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