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Official info about marijuana?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheOnlyOasis, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey,
    I've been going to this website and just browsing for a while but just joined today... basically, I'm writing my research paper for english class on weed, and I need actual information from credible sources. My main points will include history (why it was made illegal in the first place and how there was so much false anti-weed propaganda), health benefits, and how it'd benefit our economy.

    I figured if anyone was knowledgeable about this kind of stuff and could help me out, it'd be you guys!

    So, do you guys have any suggestions as far as proving my main points, or any additional main points? Do you know of any unbiased sources that I could find cold hard facts on? Things like Norml and Erowid wouldn't really be considered unbiased, but something like the New York Times or newsweek or something would be considered "reliable," you know? I'm not askin you guys to write my paper for me, but this place is filled with weed experts, so a little help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Watch The Union - The Business Behind Getting High. It has a short but good marijuana history part in the begining and the rest of it is all about false info being spread and reliable sources revealing them as false.

    As for medical purposes, knock yourself out:

    Personally I'm no expert myself, but I'm sure someone else here would be willing to answer any questions you might have. Good luck on the paper :smoke:

  3. I'm gonna have to second that. Grab the movie from Demonoid or something. It is worth the watch. Literally the best documentary about ganja there is.
  4. Exactly all are biased in some way. I remember back in high school I did a report and the teacher said NORML was a biased source but somehow the NIDA was not?

    Fuck ignorant teachers:smoke:
  5. That's why we need to invent artificial intelligence and install it into a robot - that wouldn't be a biased source ;)
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    haha, last year i wrote my english research paper on legalizing it, so i can help you out here.

    1. It was the first billion dollar cash crop
    2. Search for Henry Ford's Hemp mobile, and almost all the first engines ran off it
    3. Yellow journalism; about how the Oil, Pharmaceutical, Media/Newspaper all got together and started to talk ALOT of shit about weed.
    4. Now since the economic bullshit is going on you can say how bills are being passed to help the economy; for example Washington State is trying to pass a bill that states "you can supply the children with healthcare for X number of years or chose to criminalize marijuana."
    5. Search the equivilance of hemp: 1 acre of hemp is 40 barrels of oil ect.
    6. Hemp can practically be made into ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING.
    7. If you want to throw some history in there, talk about it being the first paper invented in like 10000BCE or something like that
    8. I suggest you end the essay talking about how life would be different if it were legal

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