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OFFICIAL I just got caught thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pawlywog, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Damn, I was ar school friday and i had 3 seperate gram baggies on me, and during my geometry class, the Sro and Senior principal come get me, search me, and arrest me on Simple possesiom and intent to resell. I was locked up for the weekend and was let out today for house arrest, which ends on October. I can only leave the house for school and work, and I don't know whether i'm going to get probation or not. I hope to god i just get unsupervized or somthing of that sort.
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    Shut the fuck you aint foolin no one "steve". And yeah they prolly well allow you into the state
  3. Not trying to fool anybody, in fact quite the opposite. Purely legal purposes.
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    Oh lol ok. Good luck "steve" ;)
  5. A few years ago I told my older cousin that I had tried smoking weed and my friend gave me one bowl worth to smoke later. At the time I was staying the summer at my grandma's house. My cousin told my mom because he was "worried about my health" and my mom told my grandma. Well, my grandma had never dealt with something like this and was worried about losing her job so she asked my uncle to come over. My uncle is a firefighter and very intimidating. When he came over he told me to get it out and flush it. So I did... after I stupidly added that it was my friend's stash. XD
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    Looks like you need to call your siblings lol
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    When I was fifteen or sixteen my parents and siblings left for the weekend. They go away every month and this time they let me stay home because I told them it was my friend's birthday. Being the coke-addicted, alcoholic teen I was, I decided it would be a fantastic idea idea to throw a party! Over 100 kids showed up and trashed my house. I wasn't going to let most of them in until the high school D showed up with a dozen cases of beer and an O. The 100 kids congregated outside my house and started yelling to get in. I didn't want my neighbors to call the cops so I let them in.

    Basically my parents came home, noticed that their liquor, wine, beer, and anything remotely alcoholic was missing. My brother walked upstairs and he saw there was gum on his wall and that his Wii was missing. My mom called the police and my friends and I had to go into the station, be interrogated by the police, and write statements. We lied a lot about how many kids were there, what drugs were there, etc.. but this one girl messed up her story and the cop pulled me into the interrogation room and goes "So you lied to me, girl. I don't like being lied to" and started yelling at me. I was so scared and me and my friends cried so much.

    A few weeks later I got caught blazing. It wasn't too bad, my mom just gave me a talk when I came down for breakfast. She was basically like "So you've been experimenting with pot?" I denied it and she was like "Oh, nevermind. I thought you and your friends were smoking last night" hahaha. I was just like "Na, I don't do that"

    Oh yeah. For the party I got grounded for 3 months without a phone, computer, TV, or being allowed out. It sucked ass but that's when I became a stoner. Sorry if you can't read this. Just woke n boke :)
  8. My brother found my stash that consisted of 3 rolled j's nd about a 8th of pre broken up bud and a roach clip. Annddddd he told my rents. But I don't think my rents thru the goods away ;)
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    Your rents? Is it really that hard to say parents? It's 2 more letters, I mean come on. I thought you meant the people you were renting your home from.

    And I'm confused how do you not know if they threw it away? Mine always did and would crush my glass too. Always a sad day.
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    I just turned 19 a few days ago, still living with my parents, and I decided to invite a couple friends over for some birthday joints. I took all the precautions necessary to make the smell go away like the towel on the door, blow out the window, have the steam from the shower block out the smoke. My mother wasn't coming home for like 2 hours so I figured I was fine...

    Well my friends went home for some reason after we smoked so it was just me. Well for some reason I totally forgot about the roach on my bathroom sink. So my mother comes home 2 hours later and she says "Why is the window open?" and I said, oh David was over and he took a big shit and it smelled so he opened the window". And all I hear is "Get the fuck in here!" And shes holding the roach saying what the fuck is this?! And smell it! I lie saying it wasn't mine but she knew... I was royally fucked.

    She called my father who is the absolute anti-Christ to marijuana. He thinks its as bad as cocaine and meth. They gave me a talk and I am now grounded for 2 months+, have to take random drug tests all the time, Can't sleep out at a friends house for a year, random searches and all that. Oh yeah and I had to give her my scale, papers, 2 bongs, a joint, a grinder (with loads of kief I was going to smoke), and like 5 lighters. I dont know why she took my lighters and papers I could just buy more haha.

    Well today after things settled down I tried talking to my mom about how good it is. She just thinks everything I say is bull-shit. She watched "The Union" and thought they twist the truth and none of it is true. Well my dad just came in and screamed the shit out of me because I keep trying to show the good in Weed and I never can own up to anything and I always have to be right.

    I really want my parents to be okay with bud and not freak out all the time because once things calm down I am definitely going to start back up smoking again. How am I going to do this? I am probably not going to be out of the house until I finish college. I really need help convincing them.

    Background on my parents: Dad was had a really bad gambling problem and I always see loto tickets and such. He says he never has tried alcohol or any drugs at all in his life. Mom is an alcoholic but doesn't think she is. She said she tried bud before and she didn't like the feeling and her old boyfriend was a drug dealer...

    SOMEONE HELLP! Also sorry for the LONG post :p
  11. Post a thread about in apprentice tokers secion, be sure to add your age.
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    Move out
  13. i cant afford to move out :(
  14. nothing u can do then. your parents are brainwashed and there is no way you can change their mind especially when they are so insane like that. you cant crash at a friends for a while get a steady job then get an apartment?

    if i were you i would get the hell out of there as fast as i can lol
  15. Alright gc, I have two stories regarding getting caught, both of which happened within the past two days, and the two only times I've ever been caught. I'm 18 and still living at home, so I leave to go chill with a couple friends at mcdonalds at 2:30 am (I know, they had to sneak out... fuckin late) Anyways, me and another guy go and smoke a joint, come back and as we're standing outside mcdonalds smoking a cig, (not me, they are fucking disgusting) a cop rolls up and says " Are you guys having a drug and alcohol free night like I am?" we just say, "maybe" (cops are real chill around here) cop just says "gettin the hungries like usual? " We're just like "yoppppp" and hes like "alright take care guys and stay out of trouble" and drives away. Funny as shit lol.

    Now this is the bad one. Earlier today before I head out to work, my mom says "Mitch, your keys are on top of the washer" so I go into the laundry room, look on the washer and sitting there, is my keys... on top of my pack of zigzags......... I nearly shit a fucking brick, grab the keys and zigzags, peel out of my house and ditch them... Not a good idea seeing as I could've just left them there and denied everything. She found them in my pants as she was doing my laundry (I usually do my own laundry, one time thing lol). My parents don't know I smoke, but they've already told me that they don't give a fuck if I do it, as long as I'm out of school (which i'm not.) .. Oh well, i just got home from work and they haven't mentioned anything.
  16. About the fourth or fifth last month of grade 8 my friend and I are walking eachother home there's still alot of snow n shit cutting through a church parking lot I see something we check it out it's the most beautiful little bong black and purple we go to my house cleaned it for a good half our and good to go (the day before we placed a high times magazine on the ground in return got a bong) any ways after a few months of roping that thing us and our other friend had 2 grams northern lights 6 grams of kush after smoking all the norther lights out of mr.Montgummary the bong my friend and I went to my house and chilled a couple hours later my mom left so we rip another 2 bowls and another hour goes by our friend we were ripn with earlier calls me and the three of us smoke a couple pipe bowls and I rolled a jay but we didn't smoke that too high so go home to put the joint in the jar but can't find it I say whatever and then sleep the next mornin my mom calls my friends and I for pancakes and I see my jar empty on the table waiting for my mom to say something she was mad but I wasn't really in trouble but she took Montgummary!!!! And a 60 of rum plus the weed it's been 3 months haven't stopes the routine just got the black cat bong and glass pipe from grasscity good times ahead
  17. My I pod fucked up some words but I smoked that joint I rolled the next week
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    Welcome to grass city, nice story. Next time use punctuation, it makes things easier to read.
  19. Back in my younger, stupider years I mAde some careless mistakes and this is one of them.
    So I had a bag with my piece, a lighter, and maybe a 1/8, plus an unopened pack of my first wood tip black n milds. For some reason I had all this out on my living room floor. Well eventually I crash on the floor I was so tired and the lights were still left on. But when I woke up my things were all just "missing". My mom was already up and acted as if nothing was wrong for about a week. Then she and my dad confronted me, smashed my piece, and went along their way.
  20. A friend of mine his girl friend and me left a friends apartment at like 3 in the morning, we decided to smoke a bowl before we left the parking lot. after we were done. my friend remembered he left his pack of cigs up in the apartment so he went back up to get the pack. his girl friend and me sat in the car for about 2 min. when all of a sudden 3 squad cars pulled up behind us blocking all exits then two more pulled up in front of us. The cops said nothing and did nothing they just sat there for about 5 min. I finally decided to step out of the car and an officer walked up to me and just ask for my ID. he ran my name and gave it back and said that we could go, but they did not leave. I told my friends gf that i was going to go run up to the apartment to get my friend so we could leave. His GF stupidly followed me. When we got up to apartment we looked out the window and the cops were trying to open the car doors and pry open the truck with some thing. my friend call 911 on the cops LOL told them to bring the state or county cops in because of the local cops trying to illegal break into his car. 9/11 radioed the cops outside the apartment and did not seem to happy about what my frined did and they took a drug dog around the car, when the dog smelled the pot the cops broke out all the side windows of the car and searched the car for 2 hours. only to find a small flake of weed.

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