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  1. Back when I was slingin quarters I came unbelievably close to getting busted.
    Was at my mates bit who was giving me a hand to drop it all off.
    Had 3 or 4 oz weighed out into half quarters on the table. Bong was out, spliff tray was out. Whole house was reakin.
    There was a knock at the door. Nothing suspicious....
    Then a minute after my mate went to answer it I hear, in a very overly loud and obvious voice...
    “Yes of course officer, come in and have a look”
    Well fuck me running it was like something out of the matrix. In the time it took for the plods to walk 15ft from the door to the living room I had it all stashed away. Swinging round the coffee table like a ninja sliding things under couches and lobbing baggies into every corner.
    Was that buzzing that I’d managed it with a second to spare that as I sat back down and spotted the one spliff I’d missed....
    I put it in my mouth...
    Sparked it up to celebrate my moment of goory then turned round to see a piggy standing in the door way shaking his head at me.. not sure how much he seen but
    he just had a quick chuckle to his mate then left with no dramas.
    Turned out they were looking for a missing child.
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  2. It’s illegal in the U.K. to make your child (of any age) pee in a cup. Classed as child abuse if they don’t want to do it.
    How fucked up is that lol.
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  3. UPDATE: My mom got hella pissed and made me give her all my stuff and she refuses to see the good side of pot shes like "Ur a f druggie" like no doing fucking coke makes you a druggie weed is a legit a fucking plant i mean you can literally just pick it up off the ground and its good to go. Anyways so they took all my shit and my gaming stuff and they won't let me drive the car until i test negative for THC. My mom says my dad is gonna talk to me later too so we'll see what he says‍♂️

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  4. Dude you're not 15, man up and get your own place. Your house your rules once you have your own space.
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  5. A short and funny story. This was about 10 years ago now maybe 12 now that I think about it. I was 18 or 19 at the time and staying with a friend of mine. This was him and I being caught as a collective.

    My friend and I were hanging out in the living room of his apartment and we were smoking out of his Delta 9. Out of nowhere his mom pops into the living room window. It was set up so the window was facing the porch and its like hip level so we could go through it and whatever. She sees said Bong and my friend gets up to block her view and I quickly put it into this old mini fridge we weren't using, next to the futon and his mom is yelling about us having a Bong and he's swearing to her we don't and then, here's the kicker "yes you do, he's sitting on it!" Yeah, she swore I was basically boofing this Bong lol.

    My friend diffused the situation, she left, we laughed, we smoked. I love that woman.
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    Funniest post I’ve ever read on this site. Put the bong down n get a job n ur own place. Also leave the video games to the kids n go get some pussy it’ll boost ur confidence.
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  7. How my mom found out I smoke.

    Some background. My mom is about 30 years sober but back in the 80s, she was HUGE into pot. She also has a superhuman sense of smell. When my uncle died and we were cleaning out his house, the moment she walked in she said "He has a stash." and sniffed around like a fucking bloodhound for 10 minutes looking for it. He only had an 8th too.

    About a year ago, I smoked my first J. I stupidly left the bud out and my mom came over the next day to give me laundry soap or something. I forget. Heres a basic transcript of what happened.
    -Her: "Hey, thanks for letting me... *sniff* come over..." *sniff* *Takes deep whiff and looks at me*
    -Me: *Stares at her like a deer in headlights for a good 10 seconds* "Shit..."
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  8. I got my friend busted lol .

    When I was 14 I was over at my friends house. We both had started smoking about a year earlier, so one night his parents go out for the night and we decided to hot box the broken down mustang that nobody ever used in his front yard . So we smoke a couple bowls and it’s pretty Smokey in the car. and out of what seems like no where headlights pull up behind us and my friend says “ shh get down and don’t move they won’t even notice us”. So I do; and for who fucken knows why or for what my brain told me to gooo, so 5 seconds after I ducked down and as his parents were just getting out of their car, I push the mustang car door open and fuckin ruuunn, but my stupid ass didn’t run away. No sir lmao. I ran back into this fools house and into his living room and I hear his mom screaming at him about being high and telling him to go get me the fuck out of their property lmaooo

    That’s still my boy till this day tho 16 years later ,
    And his fam loves me now lol
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  9. So I was chilling behind a Kroger with some friends one of the few times I smoke in pubic and a security guard wanted to troll us by pulling his golf cart up and slamming on the breaks. lol Lucky for us he was cool and said he was no snitch.
  10. I got arrested with a gram of hash crammed into my ear canal when I was 17. Booked and released to my parents. I'll never forget that.
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  11. Me and my 8 yr old daughter went to the public pool. Spent the day.

    When I got home and approached the front door it was barely hanging on by one hinge ... all kicked to hell. I told my girl to 'get in the car, lock the door, do not come out until I tell to you.' She did.
    I went in and ... the kitchen was burned. A fire while I was gone.

    I left a shoebox top on the coffee table from the evening before with a couple buds in it. I went to look for it and it was not in sight. I moved a couple things around and it was under a small stack of magazines. There was soot in the box and on the bud so I knew that it was on top when the fire started. The closet grow was undisturbed and the door to both the bedroom and the closet were closed and everything in there was clean.

    Insurance settled up, rebuilt and life went on.

    About six weeks later I'm sitting in my fav watering hole, drinking a cold beer. There was two men sitting at the bar next to me talking. I got from the convo that they are firemen. So, I asked, "Hey, did you guys by any chance respond to a fire at the corner of xxx and yyy street?"
    One grinned and said, "Yea, I did."
    "You did? I noticed that a shoebox on the coffee table had been, um, disturbed ..."
    He smiled and said, "Yea, I did that too. When we got the call I was first in the door (sorry about the door by the way). We knocked the fire down and set up a big fan and I noticed the shoe box. I knew the cops were on the way so I dropped a magazine on it."
    Holey smokes. "The cops were there?"
    "Oh yea, but they're not supposed to search ... but, anything that is out in the open is fair game ... so I covered it."


    "Bartender -- this man right here ?? Yea, that one -- he can not buy drinks in this joint as long as I'm here. I'm buying."
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