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  1. i Understand your view but thats what happened also it wasnt a o for 5 blunts it was an l 4 l and we all had seperate bud i was mid roll on the 6th blunt when they pulled up the female had an eight and i had my o including my dab pen The cops where honestly friendly about the whole situation and if my boy was not there we where all going they let me the female and my boy wait for the females mother to come pick up the car instead the cop left with my other boy she drove home but since he said if he sees us driving that car we will be pulled over so we decided to walk as we knew the general area and had our loud on us
  2. As most Europeans, I enjoy the “occasional” spliff. So, as any sane person would do when he had some leftover flower, I rolled one up and got ready to light it. Of course, I was inside the house, with my parents downstairs. However, because of my utter stupidity I didn’t give a single fuck.
    I did open the window...the joint was never “in” the house. However, it was a windy day, and all the smoke stuck to my clothes. I had no idea though, because I don’t usually smell afterwards smoking outside. So, I just went to my room, turned on the AC, covered myself with blankets, and started my casual rewatch of Stranger Things (like anyone would do after crying like a baby on the season 3 finale).
    Half an hour later, my mom and dad had to go pick my grandparents from the port. My mom got in my room to say goodbye and of course...she smelled smoke. She thought it was cigarette smoke which is a bit better for my parents.
    Ooh yeah...I forgot to mention. You should know something about my parents. They are real hard-asses. Have you seen “That ‘70s Show”? Yeah, exactly like Red (If you don’t know what I’m talking about...well, i guess it’s fine). Anyways, my mom made me talk to her for 20 minutes and...I was a bit high...because remember, I was actually smoking some...“aromatic” flower?
    She said she had lost all of her trust and that lately I’ve been letting her down a lot. All this time, I was trying to not look at her directly in the eyes, because I didn’t know in what condition they were. Then suddenly, out of nowhere she says: “Chris, look me in the eyes”. And I did! Thank god they were fine. I was so nervous I started sweating like hell.
    After several minutes, they left. My mom didn’t tell my dad and they just picked up my grandparents. Which I thought was a good think because we couldn’t talk about that while they were living with us; but I guess I was wrong. My grandmother started talking about bad habits and bad friends and how they are the most dangerous things. My mom was so passive aggressive during this conversation and always insinuate something.
    Anyways, I couldn’t sleep all night! I slept at around 6 and I woke up at 8. Parents were gone, brother was asleep and grandparents were downstairs and there was no way they were moving. So, like a normal person, I smoked a spliff before I went off to work. No one understood anything and it was all fine.
    Now, I am feeling a little better. I have thought of what to say, I am gonna suffer the consequences like a big boy just so I remain okay with my mother. Oh yeah, also, I fixed up her site (it had some errors here and there) and now she can retrieve 40,000€ from the europian union (they told her that if she made a site, they could pay her for “evolving” her office...they do it to create more innovative businesses). And now, I believe that 40,000€ is a good way to say: “I’m sorry, won’t do it again”.

    sorry about the long
  3. Last night had a couple friends over at my apartment and they wanted to smoke a J, which gets smoke fucking everywhere, so I sprayed some cherry spray into the hallways so the neighbors wouldn’t smell it. Midway through my first hit, I get a knock on the door. We quickly put everything out of view and I sprayed more of my cherry shit around, and when I open my door it’s my neighbor from across the hall. He says “I don’t care if you smoke, but can you please not spray that stuff in the hallway?”. I just about puked all over this dude from nerves. Now I’m super anxious about smoking, thinking that everyone in the building can smell it. Although, if they can, they haven’t said anything in the 7 months I’ve lived here. Still though, makes me super anxious which defeats the point of smoking ?
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  4. Maybe yknow...given you lived in a shared building...try to sit near and/or blow it out the window?
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  5. They see me rollin' they hatin'.

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  6. release?
    Does that mean they gave it back?
  7. The forms a field receipt and property release one, in this case its a field notice they took me stash.
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    Pulled over for 65 in 55. Ho hum. Bored cop. Then he finds an 8th in my car, makes me get out , hands on his car hood for a good 15 min, searches my entire car , finds the knife that i carry with me when I'm in the hood buying weed. Pat's me down and almost gives me a handjob in the process. Says he's gonna test me to see if I'm hammered . At this point I'm scared shitless because I had a beer and smoked a couple with my buddy. Asks why I'm nervous. Makes me do eye test which I pass but by some stroke of fate doesn't make me blow .Back to my car. Does shit on his computer for another 15 min then comes back, bitches at me to get a medicinal card or at very least be a smarter criminal, and i get off with two traffic violations but no weed ticket. Impounded it tho . Wasn't a bad cop, was rather cool about it, but still. .fuck da polis. Can't wait until this shit is legal
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  9. Well...driving under the influence of both alcohol and weed and speeding probably doesn't make the best case for or otherwise, *that* shit will still be illegal.
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  10. oopsie
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  11. I'm in the UK mate and our DUI laws are mental.
    Weed and alcohol is almost zero tolerance. 1 pint puts you over and if theres tnough in your saliva to fail a swab your classed as too stoned to drive....
    But....your allowed to have plenty of just about everything else before you get done.
    The limits for driving on cocaine, extacy ,heroin etc are all pretty high and there's no limit to how much methadone in your system as long as you can pass a sobriety test.
    Half a splif 4 hours before driving could realistically get you jail time though.
    Makes plenty sense that eh lol.
  12. woof...mental...
  13. Not as mental as the speaking dog I just met lol
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  14. While I haven't been caught (yet) I think I have a somewhat unique perspective than most of the stories here. I smoked a dozen or so times back between the ages of 16 and 21.... then due to life/career etc... took a 21 year T-break. Only recently have I partaken again amongst a few friends. Now, rewind to 12 years ago ; I married a woman who unbeknownst to me used to be a true stoner but had quit before we met. This becomes important in a moment.
    My wife has been in varying levels of chronic pain for years, but we live in a prohibitive state. Some of my stoner friends recommended CBD tinctures and she tried them which I think may have reawakened some tendencies in her. They brought relief for some of the pain, but did not help with some of the depression and motivation issues she was having. Now she knows I hang out and drink with some people who have connections. So one day out of the blue she asks me if I think I could get her something "stronger" than the CBD.
    I had been having my own mini mid life crisis and had also contemplated asking the same people for the same thing, but for myself. So this all goes down and I get her 2 prerolls to try (while blazing with the grower/source myself, but not telling her) long story short.... she smokes them, but the scent of her imperfect storage location leads me to find that she had stashed rolling papers and some roaches that were from something she had purchased herself earlier.
    TL;DR version. I caught my wife smoking as she tried to ease me into the idea of her smoking again, while I also myself had smoked .
    Since these revelations she is a changed woman, and our marriage is stronger than ever. We communicate more openly, she laughs, her pain is manageable again. We even took a weekend vacation together and shared a 1/4 as a way to cement our new bond.
    Thank you weed for saving my marriage. Our current conundrum is what we are going to do when either one of us is inevitably caught by one of our children... particularly our beautiful, conservative, religious, adult daughter.
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  15. Sounds like a open and well rounded understanding of each other's needs. Smoke on. Weed brings people together.
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  16. sod your children mate ,,your both adults and know your own minds ,,just tell them and be damned ,,they might moan and groan at having parents that are stoners but really they just got to live with it .. you have not changed in to lunatics just because you smoke weed ,and that it helps with your wifes pain and depression ,.my children now grown up with kids of their own have always known ive smoked and grown my own since they were 10 ,,,ive never hid it from them,,,,all the best ,,mac,
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  17. PLZ HELP!!
    If I ever get caught or come out to my parents about being a stoner (I smoke because of my depression) then I would like to be able to tell them why it is a positive thing and why it's not so bad/as bad as they think. What are some good documentaries/movies/studies I could show them or just things I could tell them to convince them weed is helping and isn't so bad after all???

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  18. Not gonna lie mate, it's a really bad option for depression.

    If you "need something" to not be depressed, you're doing it wrong.

    I don't want to dishearten you, im happy that you're getting relief.

    But what happens when your dealer dries up? What happens when you need to travel, or pass a piss test?

    You're fucked. The thing that makes you not wanna give up on life is taken away. Your depression will hit you 10x harder having numbed yourself for so long, and now you're gonna be in an even darker place.

    If you can use smoking like a benzo, "as needed here and there", I'd make the point to your folks that the doctors would probably give you extemely dangerous drugs like Xanax and vallium. So this a safer alternative.
  19. Have been “caught” 2 times now. 1st time I technically didn’t get “caught” smoking or even with weed, I’ve only smoked like 4 times back then but one evening I decided to be a dumbass and took like 10 shots of vodka while everyone besides my mom was home. My older brother def noticed my weird behavior before everyone else but me being me for whatever reason decided to chill in the living room/kitchen area where everyone was at and I just kept fucking with my dad bc he was drunk aff. But despite the fact he was drunk himself, I was so gone that apparently it was just obvious to everyone.

    At first my dad thought I was high and kept pressing me on If I been smoking So I just straight up told him yeah I’ve smoked before and yeah I’m drunk rn. He didn’t react as angrily as I thought he would and he takes me to my room and that’s when I let the waterworks go off. I told him about my depression and my anxiety and how drinking helped me be numb and forget about all my problems. My family wasn’t and still isn’t the most fortunate so my dad(who’s actually my stepdad) felt really bad and kinda understood the reasoning behind why I was doing what I was doing.

    My dad used to smoke when he was in high school but he went to the military right after and stayed for almost 2 decades so he has a stick up his ass about weed now. He took it way tooo far when he called my mom while she was work and told her he thought I was gonna kill my self o_O my mom comes home and first asked me if I was okay then when she was about to leave the room she turns back around and says “next time you drink, don’t drink ur dads disgusting liquor, drink some of mine. I’ll make you a drink.” I didn’t really get in trouble for that but pulling the depression card def helped fs as far as it goes with my dad.

    i went on forever with my first story so imma try (key word:try) to keep the 2nd one short.

    After I got my first job and started smoking every day, I(stupidly) decided to tell my mom I started smoking again. She wasn’t mad at all, she actually chuckled and was like “no wonder you been acting different”. As long as I didn’t smoke inside the house, she was fine with it. Now ofc me being me I smoked pretty much every day either at my house, school or work(I’m legit the dumbest person ever I know trust) so 1 evening I was just chilling inside my room no work no nothing, high af. My mom barges into my room asking me to try on an old pair of her jeans. She immediately stops and asks me what the smell is. I’m confused bc I had a cart and it didn’t even have a strong smell so I knew it wasn’t me. We had gotten new neighbors at time and they smoke A LOT. And not carts either, straight tree So high as a kite I was trying to explain to her it wasn’t me but the neighbors. That didn’t matter tho, the thought of me smoking In the house pissed her off so much, she didn’t listen to me, just started wacking me with her jeans. My dad comes asking wtf is going and my mom just ends up walking out the room not saying anything, He asks me what’s going on and I still have some hope that my mom won’t say anything so I just said idk ask her. He goes out with my mom which gives me some time to think which even then was barely possible cause I was so high. my dad comes storming in my room a few minutes later and straight up asks “where is it” I gave him my battery and cart and he asks if I have anything else and in my highly influenced state I was trying to tell him I had some empty carts in the box where I kept everything and before I could take it out he just takes the whole box. I’ve only been smoking daily for like a month or 2 at the time so I didn’t lose a lot but I had a few chargers in their not to mention my precious battery.

    However I do have hope that my dad still has my stuff bc a few weeks after getting caught he found a charger (my friend had given me) in my room ig either while I was at school or work. He didn’t take it or say anything at first, but I happened to stumble upon a piece of paper on the printer and it was the picture of the exact charger I had so Ik he had found it. I showed my mom and she was like oh yeah he was talking about that, he said he noticed the charger he took from you missing and so he searched your room. I didn’t even think at that time my dad kept the stuff he took so that was what surprised me out of anything. She just told me to be careful but I wasn’t really stressing bc that’s the only thing he found, not to mention he already doesn’t trust me. He ended up pressing me about it later but I just told him it was from when I used to smoke.

    still smoking now, neither of my parents are aware. Sometimes when I get back from being out with my friends, my mom will look straight at me and immediately know I’m high. Which is funny because that’s one of the main reasons why my dad will probably never catch me himself as far as it goes with weed. We’re not close at all, we’ll talk sometimes but other than that we just 2 ppl living under the same roof. He never be checking for me like or anything, so he can never tell when my eyes are red or super squinty

    long story but aye my first post:weed:
  20. I just got back from a wedding with my parents and they called me out of my room and were like pee in this cup and i was just like ok. I peed in it and gave it back and told em to have fun and i found the used test in the trash. It is positive for THC (like i knew i would be) but they didn't say anything to me and acted like nothing was wrong. Weird. Maybe they are planning something or maybe they just don't care and were worried about me doing hard drugs which i don't so that will never be an issue. I'll update y'all if anything happens wish me luck! Snapchat-340054924.jpg

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