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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pawlywog, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Fuck my dad was law about hard to get baked..
  2. Oh shit. That must have been a pain the ass!
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  3. You have no
  4. Lol nice one

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  5. yeah like he didn’t say shit lmao
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  6. Flew out of hilo Hawaii to Honolulu and forgot about the little wax container i have that was sitting in my pocket. Sure enough, body scanner goes off and i get flagged. I hand it over to the cop and told him it was CBD for vaping. I explained it was for pain relief and we chatted for a few minutes about it. Almost busted lol...
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  7. Make 'em cookies 'we' did
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  8. Lol, that could very fun. Evil, but highly entertaining. ;)

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  9. Lol, it actually trips me out that there are still people out there who's parents don't smoke
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  10. Why?

    That’s like saying it surprises you that there’s still people out there that don’t drink alcohol? Or other items?

    You don’t think the entire world will end up Stoners right?

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  11. I guess what I should say is, in regards to the stoner community, I'm surprised most stoners haven't gotten the opportunity to connect with their parents via ganja by now. As someone who has parents who ultimately were cool with it when they figured out I smoke, and who've often smoked with me, it's just odd to me. Just like it's probably odd to others that I have parents like that and they're like "HOW? My mom would've like DROWNED me omg lololol "
  12. My sister is one of the directors at my home country's Ministry of Justice. And everything is illegal there, even CBD-products require a prescription which cannot be obtained. Luckily I no longer live in the same country with her. :)
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  13. 188F9903-BDAE-4AD8-B81B-B87336D777D7.jpeg
    Went to Mexico for 2 days can’t go without how he get this past the dogs and trumps strong border patrol. He just can’t lose I guess.
  14. Id be happy to move to a legal state
  15. not caught, but almost caught...
    when I was 12 (yea I smoked really young) my sister and I were arguing and she said "I know you smoked weed with (friend name) at the park" it was sorta terrifying bc that wae the only place I had ever smoked weed at the time bc I was scared of getting caught, and the only friend I had ever smoked with too. I denied it and called her crazy but I'm sure she knows I did lol, plus stealing her lighter probably didn't help

    A few years later I stopped being so scared and just starting smoking weed at school, there were so many stoners that if a teacher knew you were high they just didn't care anymore.....
  16. well i didn't understand if this threat is to talk about getting caught by law or by parents, relatives, friends or bosses.
    my mom was a hippie in her youth but she became pretty moralist when she got married and had kids, so when i started smoking i didn't tell her. it was none of her business actually, i was already 24 and lived on my own, but i used to tell her about most things and this i didnt.
    then we were on a family trip and she caught me smoking because i forgot locking my room in the house we were. this is pretty common actually i was caught in other embarrassing situations because of that.
    mom went nuts and yelled a lot at me. we argued a lot until we both got our shit together and calmed down. when she finally accepted it wasn't a big deal, i almost asked her if she wanted do boot it once we had agreed in terms. y'know for old times sake, but i soon realized i'd better not, we could start arguing again. :D
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  17. Hell I'm glad to not have any parents anymore...FREE!! FREE !!FREE!!!
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  18. LOL I've got no recent stories, I'm an adult, I don't really "get caught" in my reality any more.
    I've had pretty good luck in my lifetime - I got caught once, though.

    So this story is one I've told it's getting a little foggier in terms of details every time, some details come and go...but like I'm almost 40 and I guess time has given me that brain damage we all get. I'll do my best to get this thing done.

    A friend and I took the day off school back in the 90's, either 13-14 (that being 94-95 REPRESENT) this was both of our first times getting stoned.
    We'd got a brown paper sandwich bag of leaf/tip from this kid "Eddie" in our grade at school, who's big brother had grown a couple outdoor plants.
    It was "shit" by all means, we got this brothers junk...but you know what? This was our first weed and for the $5 we paid, it felt like we struck gold.
    We knew nothing of course.
    Brought some papers.
    Chopped everything up and rolled two ridiculously (though not intentionally) large joints of about 3-4 papers each. Went to my place as my mother was at work.
    We played Sega Megadrive (Genesis). Sunset Riders and Street Fighter 2 champion edition.
    Neither of us thought anything about a lingering smell...and I lived in a ?duplex? at the time? Like we lived on the bottom level and another guy lived in a separated dwelling upstairs, right?
    It seems super obvious doesn't it?
    To a complete newcomer? It didn't even occur.
    We're there, talking shit, playing games...head felt like it was just floating through something between liquid and solid state, we'd polished off our joints around 40 minutes about 2:00pm the front door opens...which leads right into the loungeroom we've been sitting and blazing up in.
    Turns out my mother didn't work the same hours every day.
    Before anyone could even speak...
    "Marijuana! You two boys have been smoking marijuana! Don't lie, I can smell it in the hall!"
    I thought I was one step ahead by saying "I think it was him" pointing upstairs.
    My friend, who was fixated on her looking terrified...heard what I'd said, didn't see what I'd done.
    "I didn't, we didn't even have the joints" (I think he may have even mentioned two...but like I said, foggy).
    I held back a laugh. I'm trying to look the other way as though I'm interested in something over the other side of the room, I can't. My friends idiot non-confession was just the most ridiculous thing.
    I involuntarily scoffed.
    He looked at me, and I just laugh at his face. So red and panicked looking. I felt bad for him, but at the same time, I'm still laughing.
    My mother just said "Get out, get out the two of you and don't come back 'til you're sober"
    So we got out.
    Walked to a nearby place called Centenial Park, after stopping at a service/gas station for some "build your own burger" things, some chocolate, some pepsi.
    We found a somewhat secluded area between some pine trees with a small clearing where we were somewhat out of site...we sat and just ate that food on autopilot...sat cross legged facing each other, taking turns imitating my mother and what she'd said when she had walked in.
    I think we stayed there for about 3 remember how high you used to get at a younger age?
    Just like that.
    Our getting caught is actually to this day linked with an overall memory of one of the more enjoyable experiences with weed I've ever had.

    Not much.
    Turns out my mother wasn't particularly anti-weed, just asked that I didn't let it fuck with my school or some such, and more of a "I don't want to talk about it" kind of conversations.
    There were lessons learned that day. Lessons learned and fun had.
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  19. Me and boys where out smoking a o in this white ass neighborhood this one bitch pulled up to we started rolled while smoking and smoked a good 5 blunts when this family comes out the house looks at us and walks back inside like 10 min later 4 squad cars pull up they pull the driver out the car search her talk to her and then start pulling us out one by one lucky enough as the cop was turned around i took the o from the console and lightly passed it to my boy in the back he put it in the trunk then i noticed that i had mt dab threw it at him right before the cop pulled me out i had the blunt nutted they searched me aint find nothing searched my boy aint find nothing and start searching the car my friend had a eighth in the console that i aint know about they found it after cuffing me and my friend "The Biggest Ones" we was sittin on the corner of the road with 3 squads watching the cop pulled the eight out the car and said either we all getting locked up or one of us mind you i was already in some trouble with the cops so i used a separate name of a nigga i know that looks similiar to me and lived nearby my boy who was the only one under 18 stood up as we was all about to be taken in and took the fall for us me and my other boy walked a couple miles home and started smoking in the backyard that whole my time boy had the o nutted well anyway as we smokin like a gpod hour later my boy comes put the police station pulls up to my crib and joins us good thing we had somone underage or we was all gonna get locked up cause if they put us on strip search inside me and my boy wouldve gotten some heavy years
  20. So you had an O, or an eighth?
    I mean I don't think you put 25 grams across 5 blunts, right?
    You're over 18, and already known by police...and managed to pull off providing false details about your identity, without them asking you for ID? This seems like the kind of occasion they'd ask for ID.

    Assuming *any* of this is true...and I have to say, it sounds like a huge pile of bullshit to are most definitely lucky. Not because an under aged person was with you. If this was real, the only thing you're lucky about is that having the under 18 person there didn't get you ALL in much worse trouble.

    7/10 for creativity, but, no dice.
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