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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by pawlywog, Jul 13, 2010.

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    Was at a party last night blazing in the basement. Buddy's parents came down and got angry. Or at least they pretended to because they ended up getting high with us and his mom took her first dab.
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  2. But where's the cat?
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    She actually moved in with me again 1 month back, very happy that she is here again :) When I was inside she was first with my GF, but when my GF became my ex, she moved to a friend of mine for the remaining sentence.

    This is a bit funny timing though. My last post was 31st of July and I haven't been in much since. Visited GC yesterday looking for an ash catcher and logged in today to ask about my dirty bong and saw that this was posted yesterday.

    Had to include the culprit, even though posting cat pics is lame/blabla/otherstuff:
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  5. @koruptyg
    Thanks for the follow up.
    Posting a cat's picture is not lame at all.
    Many pets are like family members or at least companions.
    They can be good for the soul.

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  6. So glad you reunited with your furry friend! Thanks for posting a pic. She looks happy to be back with you. Cheers to the future.
  7. This was a short while back.

    I actually got arrested, booked, and had to stay in county jail for two days while my bond processed.

    I had half a gram.

    Got put on Deferred Prosecution Agreement. 10hrs community service, and two classes. Everything scheduled at my own convenience. I will be done mid February like nothing ever happened. Most people I knew didn't get booked, but got fucked with probation instead. I can also get my mugshot taken off all the websites for no charge as soon as my case gets dropped.

    I am getting the fuck out of this state as soon as I graduate college.
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  8. Got caught when I was a teenager and being an old fashioned dad he made me eat every bit of weed in the baggie.
    Damn, I love you dad for that
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  9. 20G??? Jeez, do u sell or soemthing?
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  10. what a waste :/
  11. Dude - twenty grams isn’t even 3/4 of an ounce...

  12. u buy in oz?
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  13. Any heavy smoker with a steady paycheck buys at least a half otherwise they're just pissing money away.

    I can't tell if you're trolling so I'm leaving it at that.
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  14. Bullshit, speak for yourself. Some regular users can only afford a gram at a time, don't be so judgy

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    I'm not talking about if you're in a pinch. We've all been there nigga. I been broke more times than I can count.

    If you're broke it makes even more sense to save up your earnings and pick up at least a half and make that shit last. Fuck, you can even sell half of it and smoke for free. (Assuming that's *cough* legal where you live.)

    Besides certain legal states, good weed is still going for 20 dollars a gram. You can either spend the 20 per gram or move up in scale, even if you get the half for, say, 150 then you're closer to 10 dollars per gram. It just makes sense.

    Even if you're buying schwag or buying at a dispensary, there is always a significant discount in price per gram when buying at least a half oz. It's not about being judgy. It's about being smart with your money.

    Another example. If you're on welfare, does it make sense to pick up a small packet of chicken every day for 4.99/lb at your local market? Or a giant 20lb bag of legs that you can freeze at .59/lb at Sams Club?
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  16. Well dunno I live on an island so its much more expensive so people buy less typically, unless theyre shifting
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  17. Oz every two weeks keeps the peace in the middle east for meeee
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  18. Thats like 2 grams a day ahaha, I only smoke on weekends so thats plenty enough for me lol
  19. well, it happend.
    after so many years i smoke in my room, and no one of my family doesnt even see im high af or notice the smell.
    after all those times i was so high i forgot my pipe or my weed on the bed/desk, but was lucky and no1 went to my room untill i saw it.
    it happend.
    after a couple weeks tolerance break, i got 5g of a nice OG, but i underestimated the power of the smell he had. smoked some in my room and then 2 hours later a bit more.. didn't knew my sister is about to come home. i was at the kitchen when she came home and the first thing she said "are you smoking????" and there alot of "wtf smoking drugs???" "i can smell it its a drugs smell" while i deny it all lol. then my mom came to my room and claimed she also thinks i have "drugs smell" in my room and started scream "what did you took" "you doing drugs???" while i deny it all lol. was nervous as fuck. i was lucky she didn't opened my first drawer, there was my weed and pipe. i manage to sneak out of the house and hide it all later.
    now, i suppose they 50% think i smoke weed and 50% believing it was from neighbours or something.
    i know when i went to work they searched all my room (my stuff moved a bit) and now i cant smoke any more at my room because they will suspect every time... i threw most of my "weed stuff" (grinders papers etc) and all i have now is my weed, 1 grinder and 1 pipe. and i have no idea where to put it, for now i put it in the stairs behind some box some neighbour put there.. i dont even know when i could smoke my OG now.
    im 22 but still i live at home and my family is EXTREMLY old fashioned and they wouldnt accept it. if they will know for sure i have no idea where it will end.
    october cant come any eariler... (moving out finally at october.)
  20. Got busted at a road block years ago.. With maybe a bowl or 2 worth in a corked glass vial and a glass pipe.. Then the adrenaline raged cop is astounded when I pass every road side dui test he throws at me.. I still went to jail for 10 hours but he made me say "time" after thirty seconds while I basically tried to guess close as I could in my head.. While he had the stop watch.. When I said time he clicks it ..smirks and actually shows me that I was at 29.something ...clearly not far off from perfect basically and especially not a dui at all .. Guess high school and college band paid off learning to keep a steady beat .. But none the less it took thousands to get record erased and charges ultimately dropped..

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