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  1. I've never been caught my family all know I smoke:confused_2: as for cops I've been stop and searched before but I just dashed my joint in a bush and the cops didnt find anything:smoke:
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  2. Well... I have a cat and my love for her mixed with a little bit of stupidity and a lot of THC landed me a few years. Kind of embarrassing but I've told it in real life and it is slightly why not here.

    I was laying in bed doing some work on my computer while smoking. I smoked a lot at that time and it was some really good shit so I was high as fuck. Out in the kitchen I hear some glass breaking and I guess without thinking it through I run up from the bed and try to get into the kitchen. I thought my cat had tipped over a vase or something else and I wanted to prevent her from walking in glass shards. Seems that wasn't the case. I was already fucked cause my guard was down, just didn't know it yet.

    When I managed to get into the hallway 3 cops ran through the front door (not sure how they managed to open the door without making any sound, guessing key from landlord) so I barely manage to get past them into the kitchen. As soon as I step into the kitchen I realize that it wasn't my cat that had knocked anything over but the cops had shattered the window and were now coming through it. This is kind of where I realize I'm fucked so in shock I pause up and the cops coming from the hallway knock me down to the floor. Few seconds later I got like 7 regular cops, 2 detectives, 2 forensic guys and a dog walking around in my apartment, a minute later I'm being walked out without shoes and it is the last I saw of that apartment. Gotta say though, they effectively managed to pack a lot of cops into a place of that size.

    So I guess my lesson here was don't get high on your own supply:p Took some time to get over the self hate of letting your guard down in such a stupid manner.

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  3. You said he beats you
  4. Lmao he's one of those parents one day he'll give you a bruise the next day he'll act like nothing happens if I caught him on a bad day it wouldn't of been good
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    My friends and I were smoking a jay earlier today and one of them saw a few guys jumping over someone's wall, so he called the cops and went home after the jay. An hour later I'm watching a movie trying to relax after another nice doobie when my dogs start barking. They carried on for 10 minutes which is unusual so I went to turn off the lights in the main room so I could check what was up outside. As I'm trying to see through the window a flicking flashlight comes through the window and right next to me. I had no idea what was going on, I thought we were getting broken into so I ran to the other side of the house to get somewhere safe to call the police when my grandmother opens the gate because there was a car there (helping what I thought was a robbery) when a cop car drives in along with 5 cops armed with R5 assault rifles when another cop comes from another side, also with an assault rifle. It turns out they had the wrong house for the call and what I thought was a guy breaking into my house was a cop shining his light inside to see what was up

    **i accidentally posted this in the wrong thread and can't delete it
  6. ok, im not sure where to post but this seemed the closest. i didnt get caught my son did. we live in michigan and i have my license but he does not. he got pulled over with some closed beer, 4 grams weed and a bowl, scale. hes 18. the cop took his stuff ofcourse, but did not take him to jail. instead gave him a business card and said to call in a month to see what would happen. this sounds strange to me but ive never been busted. since then, we have had cops parking infront of our house and at night, shinning spotlight in the driveway. obviously im nervous for the extra attention but why does he have to call in a month. is this wierd or whats up? anyone know?
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  7. Haha I'd be uneasy about that... you need to get you a lawn chair and a bright ass spotlight and do the same shit to them.

    Might wanna get your son to get a consultation with a lawyer and see what he says

    Grow journal
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  8. Aint that the truth.She had her daily dose of vitamin bitch. You know what she has in common with a tampon? Theyre both stuck up cunts:wave:
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  9. When I was 16 I got caught with two of my friends. My mom has gone out with her friends (she already knew I smoked and didn't care) and my dad was at work.
    I text my friends to come over and smoke cause the house is empty and they come. We decide to smoke in the shed for some dumb reason. We smoked for atleast two hours and we're finishing our last joint when bam the door fly's open and there's my dad. He had came home 3 hours early from work and though someone was breaking in because I had told him I was at the movies and I had left the house unlocked and he could see the light in the shed on. My mom talked to my dad to calm him down (he was pissed) and I never got a punishment.
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  10. When I was like 15 I smoked a joint in my bathroom downstairs while my parents were in bed.

    Obviously I got caught, lol!
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  11. Lol I feel so left out me and my dad smoked weed together since I was 16
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  12. I love this thread tho
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    So when I was a teenager, I ran in my room where I had this huge sub woover. I had one screw holding it in place ,so I took the screw out pulled the speaker off took out my qp out (that was spotted to me ) an grabbed about an ounce put the rest of the weed back in the hole put the speaker in place and left.I came home 2 days later to get more bud and went in my room ,I noticed the speaker was just hanging there out of the hole,I felt like I got kicked in the stomach,I ran down to try to find out what happen ,my dad said my mom found my stash,turns out that when I shut my door the speaker that I forgot to screw back in fell off ,my mom went to put laundry in my room and noticed it she found my huge bag of pot.So she took it in the barn and burned it all,Funniest thing about this horrible shit was when she went back in the house ,she couldn t stop eating then told my dad she was baked.It was a horrible thing to go thru,my only saving grace was that the person I owed the money too was a close friend.Which after selling most of my cool shit I paid back. But hearing her tell the story at xmas party s makes me and everyone else laugh or asses off and for that it seems worth it.Never could ve pictured my mom stoned but apparently she was super stoned and wasn t very pleased to be,lol
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  14. couple years ago my parents went away and when they went away it was usually just me my sister and her boyfriend in the house. They never really came outside the house and our family had a cargo van tucked around the corner of our house and I figured it would be a safe, chill spot to toke in. So I set me up a lawnchair and open up the 2 big back swinging doors (so now it's like a porch pretty much) and I do the deed. And I did that for the 10 nights or so my parents were away. Didn't get caught. However its happens to be Sunday morning .... My parents were to come home very Earley Monday morning. I bike over to my buddies house and I am there for a good 30 min or so and I get a text from my sister saying "when you get home clean your room and also the weed and tobbaco off of the van floor. My heart sinks and I make the dreaded bike ride home:( when I am about to pull into my driveway my sister and her boyfriend were pulling out in his car. Right away I clean up all the weed in the van and start putting grass where the weed had been prior (making it pretty damn convincing job I'd say). I did this because I could try convince her that what they saw was just grass. When they arrived at home hours later they didn't say a thing to me about it. They ended up not telling my parents, my sister just kinda gave me the silent treatment for a week till I broke my color bone and pelvis in a bad accident. Since then she has been normal to me.

    Anyways I'm high as Fuck from some critical mass
  15. Nice to have another Cypress Hill stoner here :smoking-bong: check out Sick Jacken and Warporn
  16. Lool you guys it's basically legal now I mean Amazon sells everything from tents to extractor fans to led lights and beans from Amsterdam take 2 days :) or am I just lucky to be in Europe? Are most if you from the USA? My neighbor busted me once but it was like hey I saw Ur plant excel she said " Le chanvre" cos it's was in france wow. I had swazi or Durban bushes in the sun 10 foot tall 7 foot wide and they where starting to flower when the indicas were finished too long
  17. I went from having one charge that was eventually dismissed in my adult life, to getting a total of seven charges within six months during this past year. Two for weed paraphernalia, and then various other drug charges. I pretty much let addiction lead me by balls....

  18. I was drinking fireball and smoking alot of weed in my backyard and my parents were inside. It got dark and we are all sitting around the bonfire and my friend pulls out an eight inch long knife, and accidentally cut my thumb halfway off with it so i ran inside covered in blood holding my thumb up with my other hand and had to tell my parents i was high and had to go to the hospital stoned.
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  19. So all this shit happened last night and it was a serious trip lol.

    Any weekend night that both me and my brother are home, we smoke a bowl or two together in his room and talk a bit. We thought our mom had gone to bed so we pushed a towel to the door and opened the window to blow smoke out of. My brother is a very political person and we decided to smoke a couple bowls and take a political spectrum test, and when he started to pack the second bowl, we heard our mom shuffle into our bathroom drunk as hell to take a piss. We went dead quiet because we knew she'd freak out if we were hanging out because 1. We use to hate each other's guts up until recently (weed brought us together lol) & 2. She knows he smokes but has been very adamant that I never do so (see how that works out lol). So she gets out of the bathroom, passes by my room and sees I'm not in there and I hear her say "where's violet, where's violet?" We're still quiet, but we can hear her footfalls come near his door so he closes the window, shuts the blinds, and hides his shit all in a matter of seconds before she's pounding at the door and yelling to let her in.

    She asks me from behind the door "What the hell is going on?" So i tell her the truth, i say "we're talking about politics" but she doesn't buy it and so my brother (Kyle) lets her in and she immediately starts sniffing like a police dog. Keep in mind, she's drunk as a skunk and so she yells at me, and tells me to go to my room. I text my groupchat like shit y'all im getting busted. She comes back a few minutes later and brings me to the kitchen where Kyle is already sitting and she says "want to explain to me what the fuck was going on in there?" Also know that my mom is a political person too but that she and my brother disagree on a lot. She gets very heated in arguments and so I say "we were just calmly discussing some policies, something you're incapable of." That made her really pissed off and so she cracks open another beer and replies "well you wanna talk politics, then let's talk fucking politics, i won't get mad." At this point i was high as hell and kyle was already drinking whenever we started smoking so i have no idea how he kept his composure. At one point i was just staring blankly at the muted tv in the kitchen and totally zoned out, but i snapped myself out of it. One of the cats meowed in the family room so she went to check on it, and i looked at kyle and we were both like what the fuck she hasn't mentioned weed at all so we keep going with it. I had left my phone in my room and went and got it to find my friend had called me a couple times so i hit her back and she says her car broke down, can she stay here? I ask my overly concerned mother and she says yes of course she can. I have a good excuse to get the fuck out of that hot mess while I'm still very high so my buddy shows up, comes into my room, and I immediately say "mom walked in on us smoking and im high as fuck but she's so drunk she forgot about everything already." And my friend is like "bitch im high as fuck too!!!" So we go to bed and i tell her the whole story and she tells me about her crazy night. Mom and kyle are still talking in the kitchen, and right when I'm about to fall asleep, he texts me and asks if i have a lighter. I get up without waking up my friend, get one of my own lighters, then go to his room and he's already got another bowl ready and he's like "you wanna spark this or nah?" And so we basicslly resumed our conversation before mom interrupted it and took the political tests and everything. She was so distracted by being angry about politics that she forgot all about us smoking. Even when i got up this morning she forgot that my friend came over. Idk how we got that lucky but we did. Thank god for politics loool
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  20. But WHY did you told em? If you can behave normal no way they had find out, hospitals won’t do a blood test or so.. just say you wer cutting spices :)

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