OFFICIAL i Almost got caught thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Wakadoozicle, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. sup GC

    just thought i would make a thread where everyone could share there stories of ALMOST getting caught, but getting away with it.

    Last night i was very drunk and high, and walking home. i get to my house and see my moms car in the driveway (unexpected) and shes in the car on her phone. i walked RIGHT FUCKING PAST HER! and she didnt even notice!
    I opened the front door and when up to my room undetected

    another time i was smokin a jay and my mom comes down the block. shes probably 100 yards away when i stealthily dropped the joint under my foot as she rolled up in the car.
    we had a face to face convo and she drove away. i honestly am not sure how i havent got caught yet, this is getting to be retarded how i get away with this shit.

    anyone got any good stories?
  2. This thread already exists bro, search bar that sheeittt
  3. yeah a got caught thread

    not an ALMOST got caught thread but i guess no one's into this thread

    EDIT: sike i just found it. stupid me, this thread is pointless
  4. I have seen atleast two other blades try and start an "Almost" Got Caught thread but whatever.

    One time i though nobody was home so i smoke before i went inside. Anyway i walked in the front entrance and my mom was like within a foot of me. My bubbler and a sack of weed were in my hand and i somehow stuffed it in my pocket without drawing suspicion :cool:

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