OFFICIAL how to roll the perfect joint

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  1. Alright guys, i just saw a thread with a guy rolling his first joint, not bad but not very good. To roll your joint hte first step is to get quality papers. My favorties are Juicy rolling papers but they are hard to find. If your going to a gas station go with zig zags or JB. OK so u need to get anywere from .5 to 2 grams into the joint, depending on weed strength. Make sure u break up the weed very nice and fine and there are no stems in there. Make a crease in the rolling paper, opposite to the gluey part. Put all of your weed into that crease and get it close to the center, yet spread it out so tthe joint will roll evenly. Fold the crease over the weed and push the weed tight into the crease and begin to roll. When you are rolling, press down hard on the joint wiht your fingers while using your thumbs to slowly get the joint rolilng. Once it is rolling nice and tight and near the glue part stop yet dont let it unroll and keep it tight. Lick one of your fingers and wet the sticky part, NEVER do this with your tongue cuz it may cause breaking and the paper to stick. Continue the roll until it is complete. Now twist off the end that you are going to light and let the end you suck out of be open and hittable. You may also pack the weed in with a toothpick or something throught at end. If you have a tear in your joint, you may use the sticky part of another paper as a bandade. I hope this is a help to all of you guys out there trying to figure out how to roll a joint.
  2. oh ya guys and when u have your roach left, you can stick it into the carb of a bowl and smoke it out of that, using the bowl itself as the carb.
  3. Did your return key fall off? :confused:
  4. uhhh... i tired rolling a joint the way you said and it turned out HORRIBLE..... worst how to roll a joint thread ever.... sorry no offense
  5. You must doin it wrong dude. Rolling is hard, but the way to do it is exactly what he said. I do the same things and mine come out great. It just takes practice man
  6. Wow. Can you repost this with steps, or something. Maybe pictures? I can't bring myself to read it, seriously, sorry.
  7. Official How To Roll A Perfect Joint Instructions:

    Get Papers

    Get At Least A Gram

  8. Thumbs up to that, man.
  9. That's how I did it. Now, I can roll a perfect joint (usually in cone shape, my fav), in about 30 seconds.
  10. the gist of it is:

    1. break up weed, get out every last stem/seed
    2. fold the paper and crease it(glue on top facing you)
    3.put the weed in and spread
    4.Fold over the paper, kinda loose is ok
    5.Roll the joint up with your thumbs and index fingers(think of how a rolling machine works)
    6.Roll it to your perferred tightness
    7.lick,seal, and blaze:smoking:

    Note: For all you that cant roll, the best way is to just practice by yourself. Online guides never helped me.
  11. ya dude like no offense but bcuz its just one big ass paragraph its hard to follow i understand what ur saying tho i roll my Js perfectly like that but maybe u should like have steps numbered w/ pics so ppl can get what ur saying
  12. pictures would help alot for people that dont know how to roll but your guide made sense to me, one thing that always helps me when i roll a joint is too have the glue part facing me.
  13. seriously, it's not THAT hard. just try. if it turns out shitty, who cares? papers cost like 2 cents anyway.
  14. for real yall if u have no papers use the blank pages in the back of the bible....jesus put them there for a reason u know the best way to learn is to fucking practice stop reading this shit right now, go buy a pack of papers for liek a buck and just practice rolling them using the same weed and if u fuck up just roll another and if u fuck up the whole pack use a bowl or make one
  15. wut u gotta do is go to taco bell buy your munchies and a taco or to to hold u off so u dont eat ur munchies before you smoke then park in the parking lot take ur reciept tear it down to the right size pull out ur weed roll ur joint in reciept paper toak up munch out and roll out

    and by the way i wouldnt do that everytime cuz i know the ink on the reciepts cant be healthy but it is sure as fuck fun cuz all u got to know is taco bell + cronic = a fuckin good high
  16. imma disagree lol. this is NOT official haha

    but still how to role a j
  17. this thread made me cry...

    anyways, if you REALLY want to roll awesome joints with little trouble these are the steps

    1. buy rolling machine
    2. follow the directions
    3. smoke.....

    boom. done.

    best 12 bucks i ever spent

  18. Yeah...not very official at all, next time get some pictures or indorsments or something, that shit will make it look more official.

    Practice is the only way to get good at rolling J's

  19. i agree.

    this is a fairly good tutorial, but should not be official.
  20. people, online shit NEVER HELPS!!! just me, try it on your own, you can get a good way to learn by just trying yourself. jsut learn the basics and you can teach yourself the specifics cause everyone has different specifics.

    just know that you only use the pointer and thumb and SOMETIMES the middle finger to grab a corner in the beggining. but again just try it and learn your own way and you will be proud to say "i taught myself" not "i read online..."

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