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  1. Whaddap GC, this is my first thread. I've browsed the forums and haven't seen a thread started for hookah smokers (mostly quesitons regarding hookah, hookah and weed, etc.)

    Share your setup, tricks, shisha reviews, pics, anything hookah related.
  2. Right now I'm smoking some Hookah Hookah Double Apple with 2 Starlights with a 22 inch mod. Nice flavor, mild, long lasting, thick coulds. Deff one of my favorite shishas.
  3. Ive only smoked hookah at a hookah bar, even though the taste was great it was really expensive.. Not to mention I didn't get high so that sucks....
  4. I fucking love hookah. I own one of those mini ones, but it hits like a fucking champ. Double apple and mint is all you need:)
  5. About time this happened. I have a mini one my friend gave me when she stopped smoking. Love the Lucky lemon/lime flavor.. tastes like skittles :smoke:

    It's a lot cheaper when you have your own. Hookah bars are extortionists. No high.. but there's a mild head rush/buzz :D

  6. Who told you that you were supposed to get high from hookah? at most you just get light headed brah.
  7. I'm saying i'd rather spend my money buying bud, Its just flavored smoke lol
  8. Well if you buy your own hookah, you shouldn't be thinking about what you'd rather spend money on, bud or flavors since the flavors go a long way. Anyways, as I said before, hookahs are fucking awesome:) Nothing better then chilling in your room at night, listening to some music, lighting up your hookah, and getting faded at the same time:)
  9. Word..

    Hookah still good as fuck, its just unfortunate that the hookah bars are sooo expensive lol.

    It probably would be cool to have my own mini one though.

    Fuck around and make a smoke puppet
  10. Yeah hookah bars are fucking thieves dude. I know some that charge you just to replace the damn charchol (spelling?). It's so worth it to get your own man, just get a mini one cause those still hit really nice, never get one with more then one pipe. Also get instant charchol, all in all you're spending like 50 bucks. A worthy investment:)
  11. ^ Charcoal

    I'm a master smoke ring blower, they're beautiful. Can't get that double smoke ring down though.. that's so hard. But a puppet.. I will have to try this one :cool:
  12. For sure, I know I would probably look into it once I move into my own place(eventually)

    I like the smell of blue mist on my clothes haha
  13. Hookah bars are fucking pirates man, I feel bad for the poor fucks who spend $15 on a bowl of shisha that costs no more than $3.

    But you deff gotta get natural lights when possible, they produce better smoke, are slightly healthier, and have no taste... They're hard to find in head shops but when I can I snag a box of Coco Nara's; the higher price tag is worth it.
  14. I had no idea natural charchol was better than instant, my bad for the misinformation.
  15. I love hookah, but due to parents, cant smoke that in my house.

    So with my next check im going to get one.

    I dont know if anyone has tried "Florida" but if you see it buy it, taste just like Florida.
  16. No stress homie! If you snag a box of natural lights to heat them put 2 or 3 (depending on the size of your bowl) on your stove top burner, blow and flip until reddish orange all over, and then toss them on your bowl. You don't need to ash or move them nearly as much as quick lights because they produce less ash and burn at a much lower temp.
  17. Oh wow, so that makes a huge difference. With the instant ones I practically have to dust off the ash and switch it up very frequently, gets rather annoying -.-. What flavors do you smoke with?
  18. I love smoking hookah! I own a few Mya hookahs and a few Khalil Mamoons.
    Don't go to hookah bars anymore, since they over pack the bowl, and the flavor
    taste burnt. I enjoy setting it up myself, starbuzz is my favorite shisha brand
    but hookah freak, hookah hookah are also good.
  19. I usually only get Starbuzz :D

  20. Definitely can't go wrong!:)

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