**Official** High Masturbation Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by KushAndChips, May 7, 2011.

  1. So, there's a lot of talk about this on this forum and I am a huge advocate. I would just like to pay my thanks to Mary Jane and my body for feeling this way, I would also like to express thanks on behalf of any of my stoned female love making partners for which I provided a more satisfying experience, with greater stamina and more sensual pleasures.

    Who's in GC?
  2. reporting in. orgasms while high are awesome.

    And then afterwards, youre like at peace with the world. And usually starving lol
  3. bout time this thread was made
  4. I always sleep so well after blazing and rubbin' one out (srry if thats vulgar?) and wake up the next day feeling fantastic.
  5. Where are the girls who finger whilst hiiigh cuz their orgasms already seem 100x better than guys when sober. And wheres the guy in my sig, he's a big fan of this activity too:D:smoke:
  6. best sig ever ^
  7. Sub-fuckin'-scribed!
  8. how does this work? are we supposed to post after we just finished haha? my post counts would go up drastically....not really? lol
    edit: hello oscarzetaacosta im a fellow Coloradoan (in) as well
  9. What up, ccoope.

    That is really fuckin' with my eyes, haha.

  10. I just wanted to say a little thank you.

  11. ........
  12. aww how cute, virgins united...
  13. high sex is the best thing ever. handddds down...

    ..your pants.

  14. +rep for your sig. made me laugh for like 10 straight minutes
  15. Dubstep + baked + fapping = pleasure meltdownnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    Try to get laid tho, gettin head is better

  16. I agree with this totally.
  17. I keep her in my pants till she pulls it out. No need to waste the good stuff solo.

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