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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by PlanKtoN, May 23, 2010.

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    So as we all know, the box is changing drastically but besides all drugs-related-talking, I feel his strenght was the proximity in-between boxers. I guess this could be just a random chill-room in the general forum area but creating a thread for old/new boxers to chill (NOT talking about other drugs and such) would be a cool idea in the actual situation.

    I hope the mods will accept this thread as it's the Pandora's Box last stand.

    PlanKtoN, fellow boxer

    Sending good vibes your way blades !
  2. TY mods :love::hello:

    Boxers...it's time to report in :devious:
  3. Idk if I'm considered a boxer but here I am reporting in! :hello::wave:
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    Of course you are brother :wave:There's no restriction in here...it should be the first rule.
  5. wadup gc. im off to meet up with a buddy and blaze. then headed to chitown for a couple days. Waitin to hear from my buddy bout some mintzzz nom nom nom
  6. Wassup guys! I'm doing my best to try and stick around without other drug talk. I mean come on guys our lives don't revolve around drugs do they? :rolleyes:

    Joking aside how is everyone doing? This last month has been a fucking roller coaster ride for me haha. Four weeks ago I was down in the dumps regretting everything I've done the last three years and now I'm happy as hell. I finally feel comfortable with the direction my life is going, while it may not be 100% what I wanted it's good enough for me. I can't get over the fact how much life is a trip though, I swear living real life is more entertaining and crazy than watching it. I wish more people would be more open to experiencing things instead of being judgmental and brushing them off but hey more fun for me.
  7. Its sad to see the old Box go. I miss the old old box before the threads where screened. But I guess its for the best. Theres plenty of other really good forums out there, and ill frequent those more now. Anyways...

    Life has been great lately, for a long time I felt like i didnt know who I really am.. and I feel im closing in on it... If that makes any sense :smoking:

    Good vibes all :D
  8. Reporting for duty! :D

    I probably won't frequent the box as much but still would be nice to see familiar faces.
  9. Nice idea Plankton.

    Hopefully people dont ruin this thread also. I love the box even tho I dont frequent it as much now.
  10. the box was where i lived ,in the city, but maybe not so much anymore, it saddenns me to all hell
  11. Whats going on PlanKtoN?
  12. I'll miss the old days! Here's to the future of GC.

  13. All good brother, all good. Enjoying life right now as my summer class starts tomorrow...meh :p what about ya ?

    Thanks for reporting in guys :)
    For a strong box :love: hehe :hello:

    Exactly :D
  14. guys please post pandora box alternatives, like quality forums with interesting topics where you can discuss "everything"

  15. ^ Word.

    Went for a walk in the woods, I've really been appreciating nature alot lateley. And for some reason I've become fascinated by the moon.

    How's everyone feelen bout the enviro lateley?
  16. i've lurked in the box more than i've lurked in other sections
  17. Don't we all :rolleyes::p

  18. I feel ya man. I've also been participated in being outdoors a lot lately! Just trying to get my head straight and ride my dirt cycle as much as possible since the weather as been GREAT.
    Life goes by way too fast, I need to stop and enjoy sometimes....:smoking:
  19. I'm going to miss the old box, I won't post nearly as much now. Though the past few months I have been doing a lot of lurking anyway. It was a good run, and yea links to other good sites that are less restricted?
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