official hackeysack appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General' started by smoketree420, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. hey blades, i have decided to start a hackeysacking thread. whoever likes to hack, can say whatever they feel in this thread about so. do you like sand or bead hacks? stalls or kicks? do you like to play death or love? feel free to converse about multiples hacky sack related topics in this thread. where my hackers at?
  2. Good way to pass the time, havent been playing recently though unfortunately. Definitely prefer sandhacks, dont really know hwy they just seem more nice. Its all about those huge epic saves while your baked.
  3. LK approves of this thread.

    im not very good at it but its fun when stoned.

  4. yeah, the epic saves are amazing baked. i started hacking probly about half a year ago, and where i live theres nothing to do so my friends and i just smoke and hack, and all my friends hack, like literally evberyone around here does. some of my friends skate, i do too, on my like 5th year for that. i jsut recently got a sandhack, theyre nice. took me long enough to actually get one. i just learned saran wraps, and for those who dont know its a stall on your toe, then wrap your other leg around the hack and do a gesture, its really fucking weird.
  5. my first time saying this, but


    sorry but i see the future and it tells that this thread is going to waste:(
  6. Epic bump cause I love hackin' My jester just lost all it's sand the other day, gettin' a sandmaster soon.

    I hack every day, my friends say I'm pretty good.

  7. There is nothing better than getting a hackeysack circle going with a bunch of other stoners:hello:
  8. i fucking love hackeysack, i play it almost every day with my friends....i have a really nice sand hack that i keep in my pocket whenever i go never know when you might find someone thats down to hack.

  9. Word. Always got my sack with me

  10. We used to hack in middle school but stopped, although I bought one a few days ago.

    Recently made it to 21 by myself and it's a workout!
  11. Ahhh.. nostalgia. used to cut accounting to play hacky sack in the court yard of my high school. loved it was never any good. we used to play with a circle of like 12 guys and girls and sometimes the games would grow to unruly numbers. good times. need to get one of these sacks.
  12. :cool:hackeysacking? wait. . .yep. pretty sure i'm not down with that.:smoke:
  13. That's one of the dopest pass time's around, oh and soccer. :D
  14. Awesome thread :D
    There both bead sacks, I throw one in my bag when I'm going out.
  15. [​IMG]

    Found it behind my fridge the other day after 2 years of being lost.

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