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Official Good Morning Thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by AK Infinity, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Good morning GrassCity, sincerely, and good day to you. Where I'm at the sun is blazing in on me relentlessly, sorta like a slow barbecue if you get my meaning. The heat is nothing less than a brutal assault from on high; fortunately for me I can employ an air-conditioner.

    Have an awesome day and stay green y'all!

    [He always exits through the Nexus.]
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  2. Mornin' having quite the productive wake n bake. Ripped a fat bowl of some kush I picked up and had an awesome cup of coffee and just chilled outside on the balcony having a few cigarettes and got my entire place cleaned and now I got two hours before work to chill to some music and take a weed nap :smoking:
  3. good morning grass city about to blaze a few bowls then relax
  4. Good Morning, Blades. I can't describe my morning as eloquently as AK...that might be because I have a crazy baby running around saying NO to the Little Einsteins!!! :p

    Anyway, everyone have a kick ass day! Smoke lots of green and do at least one really cool thing for someone else today. :)

    Be kind!
  5. good morninig everyone im about to wake and bake some hash sprinkled on a fatass bowl of blueberry. have a good day and stay high.
  6. Good morning yall. Its friday and my day off. Nothing like some good bong rips and some gc to start the day. Got errands to run later, so ima make the most of it.
  7. I slept in, but good morning none the less! Ah a fresh wake and bake after a hard night's sleep... nothing quite like it. Especially when it's out of a vaporizer, yummy!
  8. Hey GC! Its saturday!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Good morning. Im slowly waking up but i cant bake today. Looking for a job at k mart. Im going to be fucked if i cant get a job there. Last place that doesnt drug test.
  10. gotta love a nice wake n bake on the day you turn a year older

    aint got shit planned except for blazing all day then goin into work around 6ish for a short shift. i don't even think my folks got me anything other than a cake, but i ordered these 2 bob marley shirts i really liked online so im happy overall. 19 doesnt feel much differerent than 18, i still got another couple years til i can drink legally hah
  11. [Oh no baby, just hush and get daddy the glass...]

    I'm just a cosmic flea sitting here in the early morning hours writing this and I have no idea why. Maybe the fact that I just roasted a nice sweet organic bowl and I'm about to polish off another has something to do with it? It's a nice time when all you can hear is your lighter--flickering--clicking--flickering like a Faustian faux paux--and flashing an intermittent "I will light you." I'll tuck myself away now, into the darkness with the dankness...

    Stay green.

  12. :wave:as i wake my thoughts they do fleet
    they fly through my head and down to my feet
    my toes then respond w/a tiny twinge
    they hit the floor like a drunk on a binge
    pot pot pot they yell
    make ur back stop feeling like hell
    aw my eyes they do C
    that wonder loaded bowl waiting on me
    puff puff no pass u c
    its wake n bake and its just me
    my cat purrs lightly and rubs up my leg
    i look down and say, " u cant have none, no matter how much u beg."
    she gives me a look
    then a hook
    fu*&^ng cat
    whyld u do that
    blood is now running around
    but im high as hell and aint nothing bringing me DOWN

    hey ppl. i luvs my wake n beke. it means i made it another day. hope u all have a great day.

  13. Goodmorning GC, I wish I was wakin an bakin but sadly I have work so I must wait till later. For all those who are enjoying their wake an bake I am jealous ;)
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