OFFicial friday 'what the fuck is going on' thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by High I'm Chris, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. 8mgs deep of my kpins, 5 drinks, a few bowls.... what's poppin' with everyone else?

    p.s. listening to tiesto

  2. I'm dry haven't had nothing but coffee tonight and I'm in pj pants.

    p.s. tiesto is god
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    Hey brotha... caffiene used to be my best friend. It makes me sick now. BENNY COMIN TO MN IN JULY!!!! haha van dyk... etc so excited

    kinda sad, PBOX turns empty at night.
  4. Fuck this, I'm keepin this shit alive... 4 more mgs of kpinz. Let's keep this all through the next 22 hours.
  5. I'm gettin myself laid tomorrow, that is definite
  6. Took 2 good weed cookies and smoked a bunch of bowls of some kill purps my friend grew.
  7. Mmm I'm still awake. Think I might go work out... I have a ton of energy for some reason. Damn benzo tolerance.

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