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*Official First Time I Got Caught Thread*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ogKUSHbone, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. This is the official thread about where you tell a story about the first time you got caught. The first time i got caught was when i was in high school, it was one of my first times smoking. And my friends mom read my friends text messages.... and it was all downhill from there.
  2. What makes this official?
  3. Never been caught. Went 4 years without being caught once. Finally just told my mom I smoked. I won that gave of hide - n - seek.
  4. I was sleepin in my room when... (11th grade)

    My mother comes in to get my friend from Germany who was visiting his sweatpants from my closet, happens upon my (until then) well-hidden stash. Doesn't say anything until my father comes up to me a few days later and says, "You know what your mother found in your closet?". Bit of an awkward experience, but in the end I got my entire stash back, weed and all.

    Unfortunately, after my father passed later that year, my mother became supernaturally talented at finding my stashes, no matter how well-secured they were. I even bought a military ammo box, put a huge 5-pound lock on it, and hid all my shit in there. She proceeded to bring said box to the locksmith and have him open it. High school was a miserable time.
  5. never been caught b. And every time i might be caught, I disappear in a cloud of smoke.....
  6. That is so fucking weak bro, what did she do? I hate over protective moms.

  7. what's the point of posts like this?

    anyway first time i got caught i had a bong in my closet, didnt realise it was right next to an air vent that went to my parents room. my dad smelled it while i was at school and i come home to him sitting at the kitchen table looking at it. just told me he's amazed it isn't legal yet but i shouldn't be doing it when im this young. i was 14 at the time
  8. Only one time I got caught because it doesn't matter now if I do it.

    Last year summer vacation, none of me and my friends had licenses (which SUX when its ur first summer out of highschool) so we always had to walk at least a mile to go pickup unless we could find a ride, cause the dealer had no car either. We are just about to the dealers house after walking for a ways, and it was abt 11pm-midnight so my mom was naturally gonna be wondering where I am. Well about 50 feet from his doorstep, my mom calls and in a very soft but stern tone says "Eddie... are you smoking Crack!?!" I immediately stop and burst out laughing. Apparently she found my tin foil and lighter which were used to make bowls at the time since I shouldn't afford a pipe. I obviously was not smoking crack and knowing my mom already suspected I smoked weed, and that she was okay with the fact that my friends smoke, I say no I'm actually out grabbing a bag of dank with my friends and that that stuff was to make a pipe. She sighs in relief and says okay that's fine just be safe, and if u need a ride home call me, which I did, and she proceeded to buy me a grinder and smoked a j with me and my friends that night! Ever since the. I can toke at will, I just can't smoke in the house other than special occasions, and I can't smoke when I have to babysit siblings. Me and my mom now blaze on a weekly basis, and she gives me $ for a bag anytime she wants to smoke as long as I let her smoke with me, I get to keep the rest :D I love having a cool mom, if only my dad were the same way! Don't live with him tho so its coo
  9. The first time I got caught I had just picked up an O of G13 after being dry for a few days (I resorted to smoking ash, drastic times). We picked up and pulled up to the first cul-de-sac we saw and got ready to rip my ashcatcher by itself (lol) and suddenly a cop pulls up and we were pretty much insta-fucked. Spent the night in a 6'x6' concrete cell and had to pee on the ground. Parents were pissed as fuck. 3 months later I got into drug court and had the worst 6 months of my life. I got out 9/14 and I've smoked sooooooooo much in the past month, I'm never taking weed for granted again.

  10. i feel you on the jail shit. makes you respect being able to smoke weed a lot more. but thats fucked up, you had to pee on the floor? i dont think thats even legal in america for a jail cell to not have a toilet
  11. Never had a "First" time that i got caught. I told my mom i was smoking weed like 2 weeks after i started smoking weed...

    She lulled me into a false sense of security by telling me it was alright to smoke on the weekends and if i couldnt sleep (i was having insomnia isues at the time)

    BOY was telling her the WRONG fucking thing to do. I mean she was cool with it and always has been... BUT I was immediately in direct violation of the one rule that i hadnt fucking learned yet...

    Dont keep your shit on your parents property...

    Woke up the next morning with my bong n shit gone...

    Lame.. I had just turned 16 at the time btw..
  12. Ahh, I'm really sorry :\
  13. just got caught by my mom she smelled it and went siko about weed and started asking me all type of questions and talking bad about weed ..i need help what should i do ????? im very stoned and confused help!!!!!!!!!
  14. Dude, if my Mum knew I smoked weed, she'd flip her shit. She's one of those types who believes "1 puff and you're a nutter :O :O" etc

    But anyway, you could've got worse that a little pep talk. Just chill and enjoy your high. :smoke:
  15. This is the story of me being confronted by my dad about weed.
    So I'm blazing in my closet, as I did when 16. My dad yells my name, followed by a ominous 'come here'. So I'm thinking the worst, all synapses are firing in my brain telling me to pull my boots up cause the shit is about to get deep.
    I walk into the room he is staring at me, rather hard and says "I know' you've been smoking'. Stops there, light up his own Doobie, and says ' at least smoke with me' :smoke:

    I love tellin that story :D
  16. i told my parents i was going to try weed before i even did lol. they told me not to get caught, never did....
  17. Was in high-school and was dealing at the time..get home one day and mom has pipe bong lighter n about $500 worth of weed n other drugs:hello:.
    Told me how it's so addicting and one hit can kill you:rolleyes:. Then kicked me out of my house..sad times:wave:.
    Got my weed n other stuff back before I left
  18. dude the first time getting caught sucks ass, i went out to my living room and my mom came and was just like have you been smoking pot? and my high ass is like yeahhhhhhh. hahah

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