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Discussion in 'General' started by SuburbanKMK101, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Well I wanted to wait till my temp ban was over with instead of making a new screenname..idk why, i guess cuz i still have a lil bit of love for gc left.

    But guys..Im done.

    Im tired of GC, its not what it was and i dont like what its turning into. Mods are running rampent and new members are all underaged(i have no problem with this, except they SHOW their age and act out like little children) and annoying.

    Some of my best friends on this forum got banned and now theyre gonna ban Rasta Man?

    Psht..fuck that. And excuse my language but fuck GC.

    Please dont close this thread because of that or anything else. For once in your life mods, do the right fucking thing and keep this thread open. Forreal.
  2. You know very well we don\'t allow threads like this open . Call me wrong, but whatever. You can say goodbye without insulting a lot of people.
  3. Suburban, i really hate to have to be the one to ban you.

    Look. im talking to you as a friend, not a mod.

    GC, has been a great place. its where we first met dude. your mass chill, and one day you already know.

    But, there are rules that EVERYONE must abide by. and that being said, if someone with as much popularity gets banned, theres an uproar...

    But think about it like this...

    Old or new, Popular or Blue, you MUST ABIDE BY THE RULES. everyone has too. if we picked favorites due to respect around here, wed be in a shithole.
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