Official Fan Roll Call - who are your teams?

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Tuor, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. We've got threads for all the major sports, and threads about which teams everyone hates - but I thought we should also have a thread for people to make it known whose side they're on. So list your teams, tell us who you're rooting for in each sport. It'll make life that much easier for fans of the same teams to recognise their fellows and maybe to get info on their teams and players.

    If we could sticky this, put it up top for everyone to see and join the scrolls, that would be awesome.
  2. I'll start

    NFL: Green Bay Packers
    NHL: Pittsburgh Penguins
    MLB: Nobody in particular, but I follow the Brewers a bit
    NBA: Can't stand the NBA, so nobody
    College Football: Wisconsin Badgers
    College Basketball: Wisconsin Badgers
    College Hockey: Wisconsin Badgers
  3. NFL big blue wrecking crew G MEN baby!
    NHL rangers all the way
    NBA Knicks ( c a theme going on)
    MLB yankees (my favorite team in any sport)
  4. nba - Lakers and Clippers
    nfl - Chargers
  5. MLB: Rays
    NBA: Magic
    NHL: Lightning
    NFL: Bucs
    NCAA football: Florida gators
    NCAA basketball: Florida gators
  6. Hockey: Ducks, Caps and UNO
    Football: Huskers
    Baseball: Jays
    Basketball: Steve Nash
    Golf: Mike Weir
    MMA: GSP
  7. nfl: philadelphia eagles
    nba: oklahoma city thunder
    mlb: philadelphia phillies
    nhl: philadelphia flyers
    ncaa football: arizona state
    ncaa basketball: arizona state/villanova
  8. Football: Green Bay Packers
    NBA: I really could care less, but I don't mind watching the Celtics
    MLB: Milwaukee Brewers
    NHL: don't care
    NCAA: don't care
  9. NFL: Green Bay Packers
    NCAAF: Nebraska

    All i need is my football.

    i love March Madness, but no particular team, just depends on my bracket.
  10. Fuck yeah, Packers fans in force :cool:

    HiowA, how the hell do you get away with being a Husker fan in Hawkeye country? I know few Iowans, but they're all die-hard Natty Bumpoo's :smoke: lol
  11. Lakers
    and whichever NFL team LA ends up with.

    dgaf about baseball.
  12. New York Rangers

    New York Rangers

    New York Rangers

    New York Giants

    New York Rangers
  13. I'm all over the board lol. From California, but hate our pro teams.

    NFL: Miami Dolphins
    MLB: New York Yankees
    NBA: New York Knicks
    NHL: Colorado Avalanche
    NCAAF: Nevada Wolfpack/Tennessee Volunteers
    NCAAB: Nevada or no team.
    NCAABaseball: Sac State lol(my school, but they suck)/CSU Fullerton

    Don't care much for the last two, but I love to watch it.
  14. nfl: buffalo bills
    nhl: buffalo sabres
    nba: golden state warriors
    ncaa football: syracuse orange
    ncaa basketball: syracuse orange

    dont like baseball
  15. Go Pack Go!!!
  16. haha good question, around where i live it's all about Hawkeyes and Vikings, and here i am Huskers and Packers :smoke:, lets just say there's never a dull argument when the conversation turns to football with me and my friends. Finally we're both in the Big 10, the rivalry is going to blow up that's for sure.
  17. NFL - Green Bay Packers
    MLB - Milwaukee Brewers
    NBA - None, hate basketball
    NHL - Colorado Avalanche
    NCAA - Wisconsin Badgers, UW-Whitewater
    Aussie Rules - St. Kilda Saints
  18. Ahh, nice area codes! A WI native, I assume?

    It's a shame we don't have a competent NBA team...
  19. if it wasn't for the Packers, I don't know what i'd do with myself

    (I'm from Janesville).

    but, Brewers are actually making it so i can root for baseball this year; that's not normal. haha

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