OFFICIAL Dip/Chew Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ACole420, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So I recently noticed that there are not too many threads about dip/chewing tabacco. So I decided to make one. Who else loves to pack a fat lip of dip and browse the GC forums. I know I do.:hello:

  2. Nah? Not for u? Its cool. I recently stopped smoking cigs so I pack a lip every once in awhile thru out the day to keep the cravings away.
  3. Never really tried it, never been interested.
    My friend told me it doesnt give you a buzz so I didnt bother.
  4. [​IMG]

    This is what happens when you chew and dont spit
  5. i love the grizzly longcut winter green. best flavor. i usualy dip when i dont feel like going outside to smoke or sometimes in class lol. man i kinda want some right now. but i dont have any. now im pissed off:mad:
  6. screw chew its all about snus.
  7. i went through that phase in life. proud to say the only tobacco product i use now are blunt wraps.
  8. pack a fat lip of wintergreen all day.:hello:
  9. If you dont use any tobacco will give you quite the strong buzz.. ive heard from countless sources..

    by the time i tried chew, id been smokin cigs for a few years, i kinda felt light headed, but not much for me.

    i did a couple cans when they first came out..the old asian at cigar land handed me and my friend a can each for free "samples" that was like 5 months now, and ive used half of one tin. lol

    not my thang.:eek:

    the thing about normal chew that gets to me, is how the little pieces get EVERYWHERE in your mouth..and then if you swallow them youll get sick. Im sure you get better at keeping it in one place with practice, ive just never given it the chizzance.

    but the mint is tasty!! i like the numbing of my gums
  10. I havent had a tin for such a long time :(
    I miss packing a dip and coming to lurk around, lol.

    I agree that mint is awesome!! That numbing feeling is so cool :D
  11. I am a fellow dipper, but I hate dipping while I'm baked, because of the cottonmouth. Just makes the whole thing shitty. Still, I love me a good dip!
  12. Grizzly wintergreen long cut is my shit. Quit cigs and picked up dippin about 8 months ago. I prolly pack 1-4 lips a day, sometimes none on weekends if i'm out and about all day, but yea, gotta love me some dip
  13. Just packed me a fatty lip of some grizzly wintergreen long :D
  14. Hell yea thats what I'm talking bout. I knew I wasnt the only blade who dipped while on the GC forums.
  15. Dippin Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen right now.:D
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    Fuck grizzly.
    I used to dip a lot, back to the smokes though.
    Skoal has a shit load of good flavors. Wintergreen, Mint(although I grew to hate this), apple, citrus,
    But I'm all about skoal straight. For anyone who's never done it, if you're not a heavy tobacco user, you will buzz with the right size lip, and its different than a cigarette buzz. It was fucking up my lip too much though, and I'd get shit for how gross it is so I stopped.

    About dry mouth and dip... yeah its the worst. I remember throwing in after baking once, and with my mouth so dry and me being on the fucking moon high, I ended up swallowing a ton of spit without really realizing it. A couple hours later I started buzzing REALLY hard, I felt like my high was getting too intense, and I puked. Nasty experience, but afterwards I felt perfectly fine.

    Edit: Skoal long cut, just to specify.
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    good to see there is a topic about this

    iv recently got back into dipping

    i really like the skoal pouches

    the straight dip always got stuck in my teeth

    but i think i might go back its hard with the pouches to get a good buzz going I need 2 or 3

    yup I made the same mistake once also

    didnt puke but sat in bed with the WORST stomach ache for like 2 hours

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