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    Jay with the big post...

    Skill and Rune Changes - Diablo III

    I like the changes. Patch 13 is live so I'm gonna try it out right now. of course servers are down when I want to try it out though

    I hope this is meaning we're getting close.
  2. I remember my brother and I used to joke about there being a Diablo 3..

    IT IS UPON US!! :devious:
  3. The Horadric Hamburger - Game Guide - Diablo III

  4. Mooo..moo..moo..MOO..moo..MOOOOOoo...moo..moo..moo...MOOOOOOo..MOOOOOO..MOO..MOo...oom.mooo.
  5. anyone replaying diablo 1 in anticipation for d3?

    not replaying diablo 2......played enough of it already lol

    surprisingly enough diablo 1 is a pretty short game..yet still fun (had to micro the left mouse button to keyboard so i wouldn't get arthritis with every swing there is a click)

    also how about those night clans?? those billy goat archers? :mad: pussys keep running away when i come near them...and we are the same speed...litterally i can go across the level just for one guy...but now i learned my lesson...find a doorway...and then get out of sight so he comes chasing you ending up at the door for you to ambush :devious:

    good stuff tho can't wait for D3 despite the radical changes:hello:
  6. bump for teh d3 hypesz:D
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    Diablo III: No more delays, despite Blizzard layoffs

    I'm telling the real world I'll see them in about a week or so when the game comes out. Maybe.
  8. Honestly I'm glad I run my own business.

    Gotta level that witch doctor PLAYA
  9. RUMOR has it on the blizz forums the release could be 4/12/12

    knowing blizzard thats probably the leaked date for the announcement for the D3 release:poke:

  10. i take every rumor with a grain of salt, all and any "release dates" are meaningless and not worth getting my hopes up for

    until it comes outta the mans mouth i dont believe nothin
  11. im gonna lose so many hours to this game
  12. i haven't gone through this thread but, is there anything about D3 you are happy/excited about? I mean I'm excited/curious on how the 'radical' changes are going to affect the addiction/replay the 15sec cooldown on switching skills and not having the rewarding decisions of having a 'build'...hopefully they will put in a mechanic that doesn't take away from 'building a specialization character' OR throughout the game, having that less individualized character become less of 'negative' and the new system becoming my preferred way..

    i like the rune system, now that they removed them from the loot, IMO it would be cool to let the 4 diff color gems each have a different/added effect if applied to one rune (5 skill runes per skill, one socket per skill rune....but the effect is much smaller compared to the skill rune)
  13. yeah im excited about when ill know when im getting my virtual crack fix
  14. Demon Hunter gonna kick ass! :smoke: :)

  15. barb and witch doctor for me
  16. monk:D

    the animations really make feel like a badass
  17. wizard arcane orb w. the radius rune is fucking overpowered...
  18. I think they are gonna announce the release date on Monday... for a 4/17/2012 release...

    Been waiting for this game for over 10 years!!!!

  19. :rolleyes:
  20. I still think it would be nice to have a sort of nonstop pvp gametype. Where someone hosts a map and people can just join and stay to pvp. Instead of constantly signing up for arenas.

    I still like the idea of 4v4 arranged teams but quick duels with your only friend thats online should be possible. I guess I just liked how you could pk anywhere in the Diablo 2 world.

    Not going to complain until I see the finished product though, definitely glad it is being worked on! :smoke:

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