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  1. Systems Changes - Diablo III

    Big post from head developer, significant changes to some systems the game..


    Unofficially officially delayed, again.. if you asked me.
  2. Question for someone whose played the beta:

    What is the multiplayer / chat like? Easy to use?

    And also is it be like Diablo 2 where you create games on your server and can make them private or public? And also you can browse open games?
  3. lol, the things they are talking about will take at least a year.

    they are taking so long, that by the time they are done, the game is outdated and have to go back and re-do shit.

    it will never be done.

  4. you lucky bastard :(

    You still able to play the beta? Do you still play it?

    ...if not....should pm me cause i used to look every single day every hour for an invite and im DYING to play!
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    yeah? yeah? you're DYING to play?

    check your pms brotato.

    it actually hasn't been officially delayed yet, a lot of the changes they announced are already ready to be implemented into beta patch 10 (coming out in a few days)

    so whether or not it got delayed again remains to be seen.
  6. Oh my fucking god I got a closed beta invitation on december 7th ugh ugh ughugghgugrsduirsdhthjr4s9t4ehti ghh rid hktrbhgd hgyrt hireshte5hui5rehtyui5ehy5erhiyuehjret5 yr5tybht ibytrfi hntiuhynr5t6

    is it still going !?!?!?!!?

  7. LOL

    Yes it is, enjoy bro!
  8. I love this game so far. i rolled a barb to start with

  9. yeah barb is fun

    frenzy revenge ground stomp battle cry

  10. cool, thanks. I was going to roll a monk since I'm a healer type. always have been, but i like playing melee characters everyonce and a while...probably explains why I was a paladin for so long on WoW lol

  11. hahahahah damn u went crazy on that
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    you bet, I HATE finding out shit that I didn't know about example finding a closed beta invite a month after it was in my inbox lol

    Oh, there's only act 1. i thought there would be more, shucks.

  13. its like the 1/4th of act 1..

  14. I kinda like it. I just got my barb to level 12 last night! Lots of fun! I just made a monk I'm gunna level up today

  15. i played it to death so even the new changes for the patch couldn't make me stay on past level 7

  16. yeah i saw that happening last night after my 4th go around last mission, oh wells. its still a fun beta, like i said.. i played the shit out of everything else
  17. Finally



    After this many months waiting I'm finally in.
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    add me


    idk how its spose to be written thats my battletag
  19. cant... fucking... wait...

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