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  1. I asked because I didn't know lol. Is it a diablo wiki + art book?
  2. cant believe i hated on this game in another thread, I wasnt hating i was just pissed about the wait and wasnt very impressed with some low quality beta videos but that was dumb of me ive been the biggest diablo fan since diablo 1 and i know blizz isnt going to dissapoint.. im STOKED again cant wait even though i got plenty of games to play till then
  3. No its more like a weathered tome written by Deckard Cain.

    Basically trying to tell Leah everything she'll need to know.
  4. Yah, I'm really fucking excited for this. This was my first real game as well, grew up playing these two. Now I just gotta buy a fucking external cd-rom drive. Fuck you netbook!

  5. digital download ?? :confused:
  6. [quote name='"Phamas"']

    digital download ?? :confused:[/quote]

    Huh? Like, I can buy it online and DL it to the computer? I dont need to go buy the discs?

  7. of course haha

  8. Well so why the hell do disks still even exist! Why doesn't everyone just DL the game? Lmao I feel so dumb, but enlightened and happy I don't need to buy an external cd-rom drive haha.
  9. Shit I like to have psychical copies of my games. Call me lame or whatever, but I've seen cases in other games where little things affect computers and they lose the digital copy all together.

    I like knowing I won't have to be on a support line for 3 hours when I buy a game.
  10. The digital copy is connected to your battle net account.
    And manye people are afraid to purchase online because of identity theft.
    Also having the disk and box is nice.
  11. i'm sitting there travelling across some field in Skyrim, and all of a sudden it occurred to me.....I cant fucking wait for d3.....what a great game it will be
  12. Any one of you guys played the beta?

  13. yes i have
  14. From what you've seen, how is the game? Everything you were expecting or more? Or less? Fill me in haha.

  15. its looking good, the beta is really like a demo so it leaves you wanting more. but the preview is solid. games pretty much finished, you can play it start to finish and its polished as all hell, theres just god knows what holding the game up

    RMAH is my assumption
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  17. IncGamers have a sweet podcast about D3.

    Got the Book of Cain last week, definitely worth it imo. (not from blizzard site, it's overpriced there)
  18. I'm looking forward to it I guess. I'm not incredibly hyped.. but I know I'll play it and fall in love and spend days and days stuck in it.
  19. started out playing diablo 1, then 2, now im very impatiently waiting for d3.

    fuckin played d2 for a good 5-6 years before i got bored with it.

    as you can tell by my avatar im going DH in d3
  20. iv lost all hope for d3 waiting killed it for me, probably wont even play it

    in love with swtor

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