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  1. You can't go into it expecting to play D2. If it was the same as that then everyone would bitch about how nothing has changed. Yeah a skill tree and skill points would have been an awesome touch but there still are different builds to play.

    A realm with no auction house would be awesome. I miss how much more social Diablo 2 was compared to this. Here its more beneficial to play by yourself rather than being forced to carry undergeared people in public games. Still a fun game IMO, it just didn't live up to the hype after all this wait. Maybe the X-pan will spice things up.
  2. But the thing is... this IS the Diablo series so we should have gotten something similar to Diablo 2, just with different story, better graphics etc.... i also really wish there was a 8 allowed in games and there was some sort of public run that everybody would do (kind of like baal or cow runs)... it just gets boring playing by yourself. I know it can't be a clone of the game but why try to fix (and miserably fail) what's already loved by millions? I just pictured the game going in a completely different direction is all. It was still a decent game but it does NOT live up to the series. I do like the itemization ideas blizzard brought up though. They are taking baby steps in the right direction, I just wish we had this stuff at or close to launch.
  3. Anyone not on since 1.0.8 came live may want to check it out some nice changes, but also the worst economy affecting bug you can imagine. Interesting times I hope to see some of you around there I now have my barb up to about mp6 solo 7 if i run with op dps.

    Btag for those of you who dont have it is:khasz1409
  4. I wish I fuckin knew that bug before they fixed it man. I wasn't playing for that week where everything went nuts on the D3 economy.
  5. Honestly, I played this game for the first few months and was so disappointed. I feel like I got my money's worth (I played for over 100 hours) but I'm back to playing Diablo 2. Maybe it's nostalgia or whatever but Diablo 2 is just so much better...even 13 years later. Necro ftw!
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    What was the bug?

    Edit: I just looked it up, this game needs a ladder and soon if it wants to save itself. The economy is just too fucking blown out pf proportion, I probably won't play untilled we have a fresh start.
  7. If I had known about the bug I had about 60 gems in my stash and im broke I been spending as fast as I get gold upgrading to get my barb in mp10 grps.

    I have a friend now sitting on 43billion gold he had less than 2mil but lots of gems like me.

    Considering the stance blizzard has taken regarding the bugged economy is those who simply sold in ah playing the market will keep the gold or at least that is what looks like will happen.

  8. It was a bug regarding the exchange of rmah and gah items.

    Mostly gems for a few minutes radiant star were over 100million gold in the gah, so people were buying gems in the rmah and selling them on the gah. I dont know all the details in how things got to those extremes I wasnt online for most of it.
  9. No, if you put gold for sale in RMAH then quickly cancelled it you would get extra gold back. Rinse and repeat until you're a trillionaire. If there's no ladder soon, at least 30% of active players are going to quit...most of which only play for the AH to begin with.
  10. ladder is pointless... because everyone knows that the drops are shit due to RNG, so why would u want to start from scratch again to find shit?

    ladder worked for D2 because they had ladder only rune words... even if blizzard were to introduce ladder only drops, they will still be shitty RNG drops...

    i can't fucking believe that the people are so stupid in blizzard, overlooking overflow stacks... that's like programming 101... then again, their debugging has always sucked...

    they have had a history of buggy debugging... in the past, followers/summons were auto attacking goblins, after many complains, they fixed it in a patch, but the fix was half assed, because the Maximus(weapon that summons a demon to fight alongside) was still auto attacking goblins.
  11. So what do you suggest then? The couple hundred million I had been saving is now with almost NOTHING. I like working from the ground up and since blizzard is not going to fix their mistakes a ladder season is the only option imo
  12. This. Its either have a market that is fucked for everyone who didn't get in on the bug or set a ladder. Play non-ladder if you don't want to start again but its bullshit for anyone who didn't get bug gold to stay playing while there are billionaires and trillionaires due to cheating.
  13. they straight need a rng over haul if its even possible and this game would be pretty playable again.

    then ladders would be actually playable instead of a couple lucky people winning because of there luck with the shit rng system.
  14. Yeah that's for sure. They definately need to change drop rates on bosses. That shit is so ass-backwards it makes me pissed.
  15. Has blizzard released any info on the possibility of a ladder anytime soon? I probably wont play until they introduce a ladder, the economy is just too far gone for somebody like me to pick up and start playing again.
  16. I had not posted here in a while but wanted to offer to help people who need it out I don't have much gold as I am still gearing, but am willing to offer what I can. I have a few characters at 150k+ sheet dps much higher true dps. I ran some ubers this morning with some folks and we cleared quickly and had fun, but it would be nice to run with some folks from here again. I miss my runs with aaagogo we had some fun runs. Anyway here is a link to my profile and btag:
    I do not have any amazing items up for grabs as Im still selling those to buy upgrades until I can hit 400k unbuffed dps. I do however have a large stock of decent usable legendaries and a few set items if you are new or need help hit me up.
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    Am i the only one left on D3?
    I just started on my Crusader on PTR 2.1
    gonna see if I like the drops... 
    does anyone know where to farm lower level legandaries/set items? In D3, to farm a Leoric's Signet, it only drops in Normal Mode.
    does the Normal thru Master, Torment similar? anyone has any idea?
    I believe i found the end game set.
    A 4 piece set of Blackthorne's Battle Gear and the Countess Julia's Cameo. GG
  18. I think torment has better drop rates for legendary than master and thats it I dont think you need to change difficulty to get certain items.

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  19. Wow. I didn't k.ow this epic fail game was still played

    I was insanely.disappointed with this game.

    Waste of 60$

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