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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Phamas, Oct 25, 2011.

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    are the stories for each character all the same?
  2. D3 sucks buy Starcraft
  3. Haven't played in a minute whats new.
  4. i did lol
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    The "new" thing is that everything got easier, and the drops still suck.

    Honestly, I very much prefer when Inferno was a fucking brick wall.

    The unofficial POE wine port for mac is somewhat working, a little unstable, I hope they release an official mac version soon... sucks that most games are still not supported on macs... even Steam :(


  6. Jay Wilson is gone

    thats... about it.
  7. :laughing: for some reason i find that funny :smoke:
  8. If anyone wants to start or need another account, message me. Im getting rid of my cd key, account with 2 lvl 60 characters and about half a billion gold worth of gear. I need to sell it fast so it should be pretty cheap.

    Just to add, with a cd key and account you can download the full game off the site no worries.
  9. how do you sell your cd key? isn't the registration tied in with the email address?

  10. Yea but i can change it to your email address.
  11. makes sense now.. no wonder it sucks

    I told you guys I fucking hate activision
  12. I thought most of this was common knowledge when before release they said they were going to release it on console.
  13. D3 was terrible..Guild Wars 2 was soo much more fun.

  14. it probably was just didn't want to believe it... cuz I never woulda bought it to begin with then.. I bought a bullshit console beta version of a video game they are trying to call diablo
  15. I think a majority of the sales were purchased with the same thinking you had man, myself included, especially because that's how they advertised it to us. Blizzard selling gold for microsoft points is such a win-win for both microsoft and blizzard.
  16. This game will be their demise. Its too bad to fix even if it's geared towards consoles. The game has so many mechanics that are broken that need to be fixed. There's no way porting it over to console will fix that. Its pay to win and that is the problem at hand. Console gamers will not like grinding days for that big ticket item so they can gear their character any more than PC gamers do. They need a full overhaul or an expansion to fix the mess they made.
  17. Also, I'm doubtful they will make the multiplayer shared screen. How would four different accounts play on the same screen if there's no offline mode
  18. You can't play on the same screen.. It's LAN based. Plus there's no AH/RMAH. Drop rates will increase, etc.

    Open beta has been going on for as long as the game has been out. We just all paid for it. For fuck's sakes.. Fuck Activision, fuck Bobby Kotick, and finally.. Fuck Blizzard Irvine.

  19. Well I know everyone's bashing Diablo right now but I'm installing that shit on my PC as I type this. Its something to kill time at least. Anyone else still playing in this thread PM me or something and well get down.

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