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  1. im waiting for 1.07 before I login again.. no motivation to play with reflect damage as it is right now
  2. With how much lifesteal/life on hit/life regen? You can't expect to live if you're doing more damage to yourself then you're recovering
  3. Turn shadow power on dh and rock those reflect elites. I'm up to 274k with ss and 152k without
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    fucking retarded,
    that much time and money for another 10% increase or 4 stat points?

    Flawless Square level gems cost, Free, providing 34 stat points
    Perfect Star level gems cost, 5 million gold, providing 54 stat points. 5 million gold for 20 additional stat points,
    Radiant Star gems cost 15 million gold, providing 58 stat points. 15 million gold for 24 additional stat points...

    Math = break point for gems is @ Perfect Star Level

    A new tier of account-bound gems of has been added to the game: Marquise
    Marquise Gems stats are as follows:

    Marquise Emerald
    Weapon: Increased Critical Hit Damage by 110%
    Helm: +33% Extra Gold from Monsters
    Armor: +62 Dexterity

    Marquise Topaz
    Weapon: Melee attackers take 2200 per hit
    Helm: 33% Better chance of finding magical items
    Armor: +62 Intelligence

    Marquise Amethyst
    Weapon: Each Hit adds +700 Life
    Helm: +19% Life
    Armor: +62 Vitality

    Marquise Ruby
    Weapon: +150 Minimum and +150 Maximum Damage
    Helm: Increases Bonus Experience by 33%
    Armor: +62 Strength

    These gems can only be created at the Jeweler and will require the following reagents:
    3 Radiant Star Gems
    20 million gold
    1 Demonic Essence
    Un-socketing Marquise gems will cost 5 million gold
  5. There is no cube or anything for small gems anymore?
  6. i have no fecking idea what you people are on about in this thread anymore, lol, all i know is i have no gold, i never have any gold and its a bit annoying, i guess i'll wait and see what 1.0.7 brings when it arrives
  7. Do you play on the Americas region? I can probably help you out with some gold. Ask Aaagogo, I usually give away gold or items valued in the millions if I don't need it.
  8. it's not that hard to get a few million from a weekend of farming.

    MP0 or MP1 in Act III will net you the gold, as for gearing, i can help with set building, stats to look for, etc...

    have a random pieces of gear that can help those who are getting started again, waiting for my brimstone and amethyst investment returns when the patch goes live, i will be able to get some extra gear for those that need them.

  9. nah mate im on europe, but much thanks for the offer :)
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    Having some fun in PTR PvP now, I definitely see AH being turned upside down again soon.

    Got to love the fucking morons in PTR pricing their shit in AH

  11. I'd be more than glad to take you up on that offer haha. My characters pretty low though, level 31 wizard on nightmare.
  12. Gem prices have sky rocketed even though these new ones are BOA. I love every patch man, people always freak out and speculate way to much. Excellent opportunity to make money flipping items.

  13. Fixed.

    Sorry Blizzturd but I will be walking down the Path of Exile this time. A game made by true Diablo 2 players that innovates the ARPG genre.

    If anyone even considers playing Diablo stockmarket after watching this.... You're simply. . . crazy :p

    [ame=]Path of Exile - exclusive open beta trailer [HD] - YouTube[/ame]

    I simply love how this indie company created a game this refreshing and innovative but still reminiscent of Diablo 2 glory days.

    It also took them a year less, with nowhere near the production cost as Diablo 3, and they created a game with 10 times the features.

    P.S. It has had pvp since closed beta (probably alpha!), compared to. . . oh wait, Diablo 3 still has no pvp almost a YEAR after release.
  14. So re downloading this after not playing since i'd say August... what's new? lol better or worse since then?

    besides jay wilson leaving

  15. he says he accepts responsibility then he needs to start listening to the playerbase and fixing the game for the better lol
  16. better for new players or those that return, the game is much much easier

    worse because nothing has changed, but then problems that was wrong with D3 vs D2 can never be addressed, since they are different games

    D3 is a pay to win :devious:


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