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*official dealer appreciation thread*

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smotpoking, May 5, 2011.

  1. A good pot dealer can be ones most valuable contact. How do you know you have a good dealer? Easy a good dealer will always give you a Nice deal, and will never short sell you, and wont claim that their mids is dank. They may even smoke with you and not charge extra. A dealer may even be ones best friend. All for the profit and the love of the herb. Think about how much work your dealer puts in either growing their precious herb, or putting up with growers and not to mention numerous customers, who may want some herb at the most inconvenient of times. Finally a good dealer will sell you at any time selling you any amount of pot, all because they love selling people the herb of life. Dealers are true American heroes practicing civil disobediance against a corrupt government, like our founding fathers. So if you love your dealer don't be afraid, feel free to share by posting how great your dealer is, and the great herb they sell you, and to all the good dealers out there, this bowl is for you.
  2. word to dat mann
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    Glad someone understands.
  4. dont worry sum1 here loves u
  5. Lol pretty good read. Actually my dealer Is one of my best friends :) Trying to goad him into playing supreme commander right now. Anybody who's suffered through the always late, tries to short you wannabes out there should appreciate a good dealer when they find one.
  6. I am still on my first dealer. And he's the man. After seeing what some of my buddies go through with their dealers.... I know I stuck gold.

    That why I treat him with respect, as a buyer. I try to respect his time and him as a person and he does the same.
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    Good to know man, people need to respect their dealers if they treat you right, and I forgot to add this to the list but a good dealer will make things right, for example I was sold a pot brownie that didn't make me high and my dealer went out of his way to make things right.
  8. I love my dealer, he posted in this thread actually
  9. I good buddy of mine is that guy but hes not a dealer, im still in search of that go to man, but once i find him, hats off to him. :smoke:
  10. i found a rare dealer through patience . he is everything blades wish for in a dealer . he used to not like me cuz of how young [14. he was like 19] i was . years went on and i showed him how true i was and he hooked me up being the best dealer in life .
  11. Amen to that! There's two guys I mainly buy from, one here in the bay and an old friend in San Diego that I hit up whenever I am home. Having gone through a few dealers I am always appreciative with how prompt, businesslike and courteous these guys are. No sketchy stuff at all and every once in awhile they even hook me up with extras.
  12. You dimed out Kali. :eek: :p :smoke:

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