Official Deal with the Bulldog Coffeeshops

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Your thoughts on the Offcial Bulldof Coffeeshop Brand

  1. The Bulldog Rules

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  2. The Bulldog ?????

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  3. I would buy Bulldog stuff Merchandise for sure

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  4. I Would not buy Bulldog Merchandise

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  1. has been chosen to be the official outlet for the Famous Bulldog coffeeshop brand, we have been asked to build a new shop to satisfy it E-commerce needs. I hope it wiil make a fine addition to the experience! We expect an official launch in the second week of April!

    I'm curious how many people are familair with the Bulldog brand??
  2. From my understanding, the Bulldog Coffeshops are some of the most popular American tourist spots. I hear they have great prices, and a menu that is out of this world!

    Sounds very cool SJ, anything that will put money in their pockets and yours is a good thing in my book. :)
  3. i have to admit i used the one at the leidsplein (sp?) the square.......i liked it, good for a group of people, played some shady dance music sometimes, that was allways too i've heard a lot say the service inside is bad, but i found it o.k.........weed menu was good, it's a big name the bulldog, and is popular with the tourists, hence possible good sales........!!.........Peace out.......Sid
  4. Never heard of that chain in particular, but then again I have never been able to visit over there. It sounds like a good opportunity for both gc and bulldog.
  5. weed menu?

    Jesus christ why do i live here! I want a weed menu.

    Whats a weed menu look like?

  6. It's pretty much just like a regular food menu, except it has marijuana and hash strains and prices.

    Edit: Have a look at their site, it probably has a sample menu on it somewhere:
  7. i've only heard of the bulldog chain once..maybe i'll visit a shop in my lifetime. how are the politics in holland? i read in a magazine that some christian democratic group wants to outlaw cannabis

  8. Thanks, but no sample menu. :( maybe ill google it.

  9. it looks just like a regular Menu, and has a price next to it for say 3.5grams for 12-15 euros.........each coffeshop has their own menu, and they vary from shop to shop, all sell has as well, good hash like nepelese black, and morrocan etc........

    you need to ask for the menu, and he/she will hand it to you.......either that or like the bulldog, when you go in there's a glass cabinet at the door with a guy sitting behind it........there's a little white button on the desk, with "press for menu" in front of lights up a couple of fluros and voila!!........the usually sell the weed downstairs and it's not meant to be sold over the bar where alcohol is also sold............Peace out.........Sid
  10. that's great that bulldog have chosen the city to do their merchandise! please don't hurt me, but i actually prefer Barney's
    that shop is amazing.

    holland is the best place in this damn crappy world.

    it's a shame that if global warming is true and the polar ice-caps melt, most of it will be underwater :(

    well, looks like all you dutch are gonna have to acquire gills :D

  11. We are the masters of water lol :D It's more likely we get wiped of the worldmap by a nuke than our country will flood :)

    Very nice bulldog is gonna do the merch, I go there once in a while

  12. Thats sweet. Its all legal but they still gotta act like its illegal and the bar is a front, and go into the basement to do the deal, heh.
  13. It's not legal. It's tolerated. It's legal to sell it in coffee shops, but not legal to smoke outside. Rules are strange, man.

    I've been to many coffee shops but don't remember the names, but I'll look into this.
  14. Ive always wanted to go to a coffeshop, I live in Minnesota so a road trip to canada would be good... any places up there???

  15. yeah i noticed that, but i was told off a local, that you can smoke in public, like in a park, or at a table etc, as long as there was no children, or elderly people there, or if no-one complained, i'd sit out and have a beer in the square, and smoke away, no-one was bothered, but if someone had complained i'd have stopped, as the old 5-0 would have payed me a out........Sid
  16. I always smoke in public in A'dam. Usually not around large places. But I like sitting at the canals an have a toke. Some friends were stopped by the police once ('94) but the coppers just told'em to go somewhere else. No biggie.

    Äbout the Bulldog: I've checked their website, but the pics are so small, I can't recognize anything and all looks so similar in A'dam. So I really can't give an opinion.
  17. I heard they dont have the right to search you in amsterdam.......or mabey that was pulp fiction i heard that.....hmmmmm ahhh well thats what i heard anyway......
  18. I'm familiar with the brand... :D

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  19. an would try to deffinitly help support it... :)

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  20. lmfao!! my exact thoughts when i finished readin that reply :smoking:

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