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    I've met numerous people here who crate dig/ and or just are heavy into finding obscure gems on youtube. If your into that kind of thing and have some nice stuff to post this thread is for you. This will be where standard, vintage, and rare breaks from a wide range of genres a<span style="text-align:left;">re regularly showcased and discussed.</span>
    *Music posted here is hence for those genuine connoisseurs, accumulators, manipulators, and purveyors of breaks as defined. This is not the thread for sharing mainstream, tracks from your favorite golden-era, platinum-sounding performer or band. Nor is it an outlet to showcase, promote the current musical styling, offering of your own production or likewise that of modern-day artists labeled, unsigned. 

    One of my favorite albums of all-time. Way ahead of it's time. 
  8. this is tight
  11. Somehow I missed the earlier Hawkwind albums. I found this one in a record bin for 99 cents in late 1977. The flip side of the album shows a few pebbles falling off the cliff. Did he end it or go home? :smoke:


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