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  1. I wanna see all your set ups, your dome pieces, skillets, adapters, dishes, jars, dabbers and anything else belonging to the duke of earl that i might not have listed. I just want to see some oil rig porn!!!! I looked for a thread like this but could t find one and if one did ever exist it has been inactive for far too long so.......

    Let me get this started by getting this started
  2. I always wondered why there was never a rig thread in here as where at T.C. they have a very large one. Eerl isn't as popular at the grasscity.

    Your pic didn't come out, its just blank.

    The heady glass bong with adapter was my first oil piece after about a month of that I took the plunge and bought a real rig.

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  3. I just got my first oil dome/nail set, and was wondering what all the yellow stuff is that builds up like resin inside of the bong,

    I'm smoking budder and oil so I'm starting to think its just budder being built up on the inside.
  4. Just the heavy particles in the smoke from it. Since it's oil it doesn't have all that carbon from the plant matter to turn it black.
  5. Everything Errl! From material, to production, to useage! Midwest dabbin!


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  6. Reclaim bro! The Errl equivalent to resin! Great for baking as its already been decarbed via your nail!
  7. Forgot my torches. 8)

  8. Oh man, that all looks good! Let me try again! [​IMG]hope this works!
    Wish i still had my first rig, :( my ling gone itza double stack, hit like a pro and fit ice, but all things must break, this is modest and gets it done, hope i get a new one to post here soon

  9. Yeah eah! Super nice, shoulda thrown my tube in too, vac purging, what i like to see, keep the midwest dabbed!!!!

  10. I love that female female attachment with the yellow and orange, sick. I also really like your dome. I have been wanting to get a worked dome for my piece but I cant justify spending more on a dome then I do on a G of wax.

    I didn't include a pic of my Sheldon Black concentrator as I broke the mouth piece(thank god its detachable so I just need a new one) and have it ghetto rigged with a flexi straw. I will get a new mouth piece for it some day, I just find it hard since my A.L.T oil rig hits SO much better anyways.
  11. The smaller rig in my pics has a SB Ti nail in it. HE in my 18mm rig. What kinda diffusion you have goin on in that atl rig?
    4 hole diffy in my 14mm and 2 hole in my 18mm
    18mm gets sooooo much flavor.
  12. I have a HE turbine nail 18mm in her(best nail I ever used) The diffustion is "Upside Down Gridded Showerhead Perc"according to the website. It leaves a lot of flavor for the amount of diffusion. Less flavor then my Sheldon Black concentrator but it rips better. The perc is crazy. When you are pulling all the water gets sucked into the shower head so no water is sitting in the base.
  13. What happened to this thread, i had high hopes, i want to see an influx of posts today!! Where Are all the 710ers at?
  14. Grass city is weak in terms of 710. If you check out Toke City thats probably more of what you had in mind.
  15. can anyone here help me i just used simply green to clean my bongs and i poured some in a cup with my ti nail is this safe ?
  16. What? dont clean your ti nail with any liquids

  17. how do you clean yours ? and why no liquids
  18. Use a dremel if you feel you need to clean your Ti heads.
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    they get mad sticky and when i take them out it gets things stuck to things like my weed flakes in my tray
  20. Why you takin the nail out your rig? Lol only time mine comes out is when I ISO was my rigs. Even then I simply put my nail on some parchment then right back in the rigs. You want your nail to have a layer of seasoning on it. Vapes the Errl more completely and taste better.

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