OFFICIAL CHICAGO tokers thread....its about time

Discussion in 'General' started by weedislife, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Lets go chicago lets show everyone what kind of bud we are rollin with in the greatest city in the world. :cool:
  2. Im in Chicago toooo. Good stuff here :smoke:
  3. Woot Woot CHICAGO! what a great city. ANd secrets is amazing.
  4. woot whats up noobies from chicago :) glad to meet ya.

  5. im in chicago..... now where is everyone else?
  6. Chicago burbs here...Lagrange area anyone? idk its been ruff lately, my hookup stopped selling so i've been paying out the ass ...180 for a half....been a little ruff on the pockets lately but Chicago does get that fire ...
  7. hey i lived in western springs! wow we were close. did you go to LT?
  8. Chicago buds.

  9. got this in Chicago (where I'm from) a lil over a year ago

  10. schaumburg, but i quit for the time being and go to school in AZ, so i'm only home over summer and xmas
  11. Chicago suburbs here...


    I wish I came through on stuff like that ALL the time, but it's nice to see it on the occassions
  12. IlEagle? Name sounds like a guy a used to know on another forum.
  13. Car related maybe?
  14. Mo-Fuck!

    Northwest Suburbs!

    The burbs has some excellent bud.

    I'm kinda trying to cut back to save some money but when I do eventually buy some, I'll post.
  15. Hometown is Aurora right outta Chicago... I'm actually home in town on a break from school. Don't have any pics since I haven't been able to get a hold of my regular dealer that I know in A-town and I'm almost out of bud back at school. Things are getting scary.:eek: I'd love to get some of the dank stuff people are posting pics of on here.
  16. I live in California and recently these 2 random black guys walked by and we were smoking weed and they pulled out a blunt. They said they were from Chicago and they referred to their bud as "Bobby Brown shit". I knew it was their term for either schwag or mids, but where exactly did this term originate?
  17. Perhaps it originated from Bobby Brown? ....just a hunch, though.
  18. It originated from Three 6 Mafia song, "Bin Laden", where they desribe mixing chronic, mids, and schwag, saying its a straight up killer, like Bin Laden.

    "I got that hydro, I got that light green, I got that Bobby Brown, I got Bin Laden weed."
  19. This looks exactly like the 8th I picked up last night. I got about 2gs left. Pretty good shit.

    I always rep Chicago. Every thread I can, because (though it is not definitive, it is my observation) before I got busted and used to sell, I'd take road trips with my boy and I've smoked weed everywhere and personally the best bud I've ever smoked came from Chicago.

    So, CHICAGO LOVE. Keep on lovin them plants, you crafty ass growin mothafuckas.

    Keep on tokin, much love.
  20. i lived in anderson ville for a month over the summer, chill city, i liked it

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