OFFICIAL Caught having sex thread

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  1. Mostly everyone's been caught smooshin before, so post your funny stories.. Heres mine..

    Me and my girl were fuckin on her bed in her room and theres a knock on the door so I freak out and jump outta bed and look for a place to hide.. The only place there was was behind the curtain (which went to the floor) And her grandma comes in a second later, and my girlfriend just had my shirt on cus it was the only thing close.. So her grandma comes in and starts talkin to her and then she see's somethin pokin out in the curtain (my giant penis) so she walks over to see what it was and she pulls the curtain... And just screamed so I just jumped out the window and started bookin it to my house (3 blocks away) completely fucking naked, with a boner, in the middle of the day... She got kicked out of her house too for it :/

    Btw seriously this is a serious thread not a troll thread, I'm not a troll and this is a legit story that happened to me and my ex last year
  2. Not a troll???, thank god cause i just saw a thread with the exact same title and story in the apprentice tokers section...
  3. Yeah it was in the wrong section.. This account got banned for a week because I joked around and said
    Now ban me"

    in a thread were everyone was bashing someone for mentioning a different drug (so it was bullshit)

    So I decided to make this thread here so not only would it be in the right place, with the right account, and so people wouldn't think it's a troll thread so people would post their stories.. This thread has potential.. Go hate somewhere else
  4. Fred, Fred, Fred... You cease to amaze me everytime you post ANOTHER thread about sex.
  5. When I was 16 I had sex with my girlfriend on a church playground and somebody saw us from over the fence

    All he said was "Havin fun?"

    Had to finish though
  6. My girl caught me havin sex....I didnt know she was such a light sleeper.
  7. My and my ex got caught by her sister, shit was pretty intense
  8. haha lmao
  9. this guys cousin walked in on us once. she sat down on the other bed and started talking to him and he talked back like it was nothing. my face was like :O and not for the good reason.
  10. this does sound pretty intense.. i wish my wife's sister caught us so she can join in too haha :smoke:
  11. i didn't get caught with sex but i got caught gay porn was about to cum and my parents walked in if that was a true story haha
  12. cant even count how many times ive been caught having sex. who cares? no one else should be bothered by what you want to do.

    live a little. :cool:
  13. Been caught a few times but one notable time was when I was getting head from my girlfriend in the kitchen at my mom's place, which has a huge glass wall going onto the deck out back, and my moms new boyfriend took it upon himself to try to surprise her by sneaking around the back. Little did he know she wasn't home and he was the one who go the surprise. HArrrr
  14. Its always the girl that ruins everything. Moaning letting the whole neighborhood know whats going on.

    I've been caught by BOTH parents. My mom came downstairs one time when i was fucking a ex on the washing machine, SOMEHOW i didnt hear her come down the basement steps. Fucking horrible.

    Second by my Father, They had flower beds around the windows, and one morning i was in there doing my thing and I just see his head pop in the window to say hi, screamed louder then she did.

    God i miss highschool, good old days.
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    Did you at least throw him a thumbs up lol
  16. My little cousin (she's 4) Came in when my girl was riding me on my bed because she wanted to show and give me a little snowman she made for me.. It was awkward because my girl just layed on top of me while I'm talking to my cousin. I take it and she leaves and we finish up and right as we get done my grandma comes in lol
  17. Can you guys smell that?

    Smells like bullshit.
  18. Almost did. Last night at the beach lol. But nope never have gotten caught :D
  19. May have gotten caught once in highschool by a parent coming home early with not enough time to get dressed

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