*OFFICIAL ANTI-blunt Movement*

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    Besides the fact that there's over 600+ chemicals in dutches, I came to the realization that the government OBVIOUSLY knows that some herb smokers wrap their anti-cancer IN cancer (when I got pulled over a cop once saw a dutch in my car and accused me and said "You know alot of people buy cigars to refill them with illegal narcotics"? and I said, okay? Your point????? lmfao? :confused::rolleyes:)
    But anyways I had the revelation that since they KNOW smokers will come in contact with that shit, they could pretty much add whatever the FUCK they want to it, as long as our tounges are satisfied by those nasty artificial flavors... They add fucking sedatives to that shit so that people get tired and lethargic (a blunt always makes me have a heavier high)... and through this technique, they can help feed their propaganda/stereotypes about pot smokers getting lung cancer, being lazy, etc... Pot makes you this & that, um NO, maybe it's just what smokers are coming in CONTACT with that is causing these false statistics to arise and spread like chlamydia...
    Also, this would be a GREAT opportunity for them to ensure we get our dose of fluoride :eek::eek::eek:... think about it, I notice that when I smoke a blunt, the meditation is not as deep as if I woulda smoked just PURE bud... because if there is any fluoride content in dutches, fluoride inhibits completely opening your 3rd eye (TRUE MEDITATION)... so in turn it disables me from achieving this level.

    Not to mention that tobacco creates a wall of nicotine in the lungs.. blocking possible THC from being fully absorbed, and the herb does the opposite, causing modest short-term expansion of the air passages whilst simultaneously expanding the arteries so they work AGAINST each other; as they basically produce an adverse effect.

    /rant, whatever bottom line is that if you're STILL gonna smoke blunts, I'm not your daddy I'm not gonna tell you what you CAN and CANNOT put into your OWN body (cause then I'd be a hypocrite), but as a fellow blade, and distant-separated brother, I would highly advise you to at least switch to using an ORGANIC tobacco leaf instead of that $1 low grade radio-active pesticide sprayed artificial BULLSHIT...

    Any other purists out there share the same view? Please feel free to add MORE reasons why NOT to roll your precious bud in poison!!! Let's help spread this awareness!!! I had a million more reasons when I first clicked "New Thread" but I already forgot :laughing:

    P.S. - While I'm at it, I might as well add that the same exact logic can also be applied to eyedrops! :eek: They know stoners will come in contact! For me I look at using eye drops as slapping Mary Jane in the face, we're basically teaching our bodies to reject her natural effect.... for me, my eyes being red and low as fuck are all part of the beautiful mystical relaxing experience... but if you're not a meditator then I guess this doesn't really matter to you... it decreases the pressure in the eye (reason its used for glaucoma), dilating the veins in the eye so that blood flows more easily (which is why it also helps headaches)... Visine, on the other hand, does the exact OPPOSITE... it constricts the veins in your eyes so that they are so small that they appear white... not to mention prolonged use to the ingredients in eye drops will eventually fuck up your vision BADDDD... your vision will eventually get blurrier... my friend used to use eye drops daily and ended up getting cataracts :eek:
    If I'm in situation/predicament where I absolutely MUST use eyedrops, than I honestly prefer to not smoke at all... but that's just me... :smoke:
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    Shout out to Wiz Khalifa for brining this awarness to the hip-hop community (a large portion of blunt users)
    J'S > L'S :hello:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj3DxJcQAIg]Wiz Khalifa - In The Cut[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlqBiKd_CMg]Wiz Khalifa - Still Blazin'[/ame]
  3. people can smoke their weed however they want, although i like joints myself.
  4. Anyone who mixes tobacco products with premium weed is a childish smoker that belongs in the junior high chat rooms. Smoking blunts is nothing more than drug abuse.
  5. I WOULD :confused: say YOU :rolleyes: make a FUCKING :laughing: compelling ARGUMENT :smoke: , but I'd be LYING.

  6. What I dont understand is why you would take such a smooth, sweet, flavorful herb and wrap it in some harsh nasty crap that tastes like shit, gives you cancer, and makes you choke:confused:

    Oh wait - so I can be like that rapper Kid Whothefuckever Boi:rolleyes:
  7. i like blunts
  8. So start a blunt love thread:p
    This is the "blunts are the fucking abomination of herbal enjoyment" thread

  9. And by the same ideology behind that drives your smoking preference? Just because somebody else does it in no way means that's why others do.

    If that's the case you smoke marijuana because Bob Marley and Willie Nelson do as well. You smoke joints because Sublime did. You smoke bongs because Cypress Hill does. You smoke a vaporizer because Doug Benson does. See my point?

    I enjoy each way there is to consume marijuana just some methods a lot more than others, who am I to judge how others use it? If I buy something for my personal use I don't need anybody to tell me how to use it.
  10. Joint + Cigarette = Heaven:hello:
  11. blunts are the shit, but this yr im on the vaporizer tip.
    theres nothin like sittin back rollin up a sweet n smokin it though.
  12. Fuck the man....Js all day
  13. Excuse me while I go and rip my bong.

  14. quoted for truth, love, beauty, etc etc :D
  15. Joints>Blunts...

    but vaporizers>everything!!!

    Vaporize, save your money AND your lungs. :D
  16. ^ this... and on top of that, PAY for it too, lmao! honestly though the only reason I even ever started smoking blunts is cause when you have so many heads in the sesh, and you wanna make it last longer.. that's really the ONLY benefit I see in blunts... they burn slowwwwwwwwwwww lol.... they are tempting though... :rolleyes: but since I'm a purist I must resist! :smoke:

    Even white boys aren't all that healthy either (arsenic & bleached paper)... i always get the RAW's unbleached organic papers!!! :smoking:
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    Im all glass and always will be:bongin:, I cant even remember the last time I rolled a blunt.
    Edit: I do have 100% hemp papers for the occasional joint, but I havent seen any organic hemp papers yet. edit 2: I just saw on google that Raw has organic hemp papers, sweet.
  18. Blunts are shit. Bongs and Vapes are the way to go.
  19. LOL you're getting mad at people for using eye drops?

    Sorry, but if I have to drive stoned or hang around my parents stoned I'm gonna choose not getting caught over "respecting mj's natural effects."
  20. maybe if i have some middies ill roll a blunt but im pretty much strictly chron. i feel like putting good weed into a blunt is just a waste of weed. if i was really concerned for my health i wouldnt be smoking anything

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