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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by illcid, Sep 1, 2003.

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  1. I thought of this when I was about to fall asleep and thought it might be pretty interesting.

    All you do is leave a quote from you on any advice or tip that you know would be somthing everyone shoudl know.

    Go for it, and listen what people have to say from different cultures!


    + \"listen to radiohead, good band!\"

    + \"Pizza Hut has the best pizza in America\"

    + \"Girls shouldnt grow up and use sex as a tool to try to be popular and only try to be yourselves.\"
  2. Domino\'s kicks Pizza Hut\'s ass any day of the week.

    A can of Country Time lemonade is great for getting rid of the cottons and mixing with alcohol.
  3. all answers are in that mirror.
  4. Whatever happens, happens.

    Shine your light for the world to see.

    Can\'t think of any others, i\'m brain dead atm.
  5. Dont compare yourself or your life to anyone elses. Dont strive to be like others. Live your life. Accept that this is how you are, and how your life is going to be. This is what you are doing right now. You are you. No outside force should have any effect on that.
  6. try to be more mellow and enjoy life for how it is. postive.
  7. dont tell a girl u love her unless u mean it,,,,visa versa with girls

    dont show your girlfriend/boy friend to your ex\'s

    toke toke toke toke toke toke toke toke toke toke
  8. everything is part of a balance

    everything that doesn\'t seem to have a counterbalance is part of some larger thing that does

    everything you have is something that others don\'t, if you have more than you need you have too much
  9. \' treat others as you want to be treated\' ( not mine but true)

    \" if you think the way to a mans heart is through his stomach....... your aiming to high.\"

    \" mom?\"

  10. Fuck chain pizza. I delivered thousands(upon thousands) of pizzas for dominos and only ate a few.

    My advice would be to do what makes you happy.... and oh yea, smoke crack and worship satan.

    edit: my siggy also has some damn good advice!
  11. if someone has something better than yours... BREAK IT!!
  12. I can\'t believe it has not been said....

    Don\'t eat yellow snow!!! :D
  13. Some scars arnt so bad and cant see them. Some scars are deep and will always be with you forever.

    watch courtTV when your stoned, pretty cool shows.

    If you ever throw a party for yourself, always get a HUGE trash can for everyone to throw in, instead of them laying shit around, cause the morning pickup is a BITCH.
  14. \"things you own endup owning you\"

    \"fast food makes girls fart\"

    \"everyone should do acid once\"

    \"damn the man\"

    \"smoke weed\"

    \"if your flying fly high\"

    \"dont piss on the electric fince\"

    \"salsa is a cool word...salsa\"

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