** Official 69 Appriciation Thread **

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Rerun, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. The title says it all.
    Have you ever tried 69ing?
    Did you enjoy it just as much as I did?

    Here u can enter your love for it, your dislike(??) for it, your curiosity for it, ask some questions, and post some borderline pictures.

    :hello: Hooray for this fucking invention.
    no pun intended
  2. It's definitely my favourite.

    Om nom nom nom.
  3. Yeah I must say its either #1 or #2 for me.
    Especially the first time was just awe-some.

    Haha , just that my ex was significantly smaller than I am, so I had to break my neck a bit for it.
    Nevertheless it was still... now that I think about ... the best position I've ever had.
    It has such a ... naughtiness to it. :D

  4. You should have just grabbed her ass and pushed it down, no need for pain :rolleyes:
  5. Oh it wasnt the up or down problem, but more the; Baby, can you nudge your ass a bit more south so I don't have to bend my neck as much.
    But in the end it was not a problem, since she did it, I had a good reach, and we were both just amazed that we hadn't tried this before.

    I kind of forgot who's initiative it was..
    I think it was hers... damn.. need to get my baby back :p
  6. I like 69ing, but if the room isn't properly lit it's hard to tell what the fuck is going on.
  7. Oh this is amazing. It took a bit to get her to try it..but now its our favorite thing. I LOVE having her warm wet pussy right above me while she sucks my dick. Wow.

    Ok. Time to go get it on now.

  8. Ahhhh, you know whats good.
  9. Hahaha it's definitely enjoyable, especially on my end, but I usually have to finish first, turn around and then finish the guy. The angle is only good for... erm... things... but it wasn't good to actually finish a guy off. I have done it, but usually in my distraction, and with the angle it's just something that feels great and leads to something that feels even better when that's all I have to focus on.
  10. Hell f'in yes. It's my favorite thing besides sex itself.

    Nothing is more hot that a pussy on your tongue while you get your dick gets sucked. Plus you got tits rubbing on your stomach.

  11. Yea it's pretty dope to say the least.
  12. 69 is divine :D:cool:

    my 2nd fave thing...and i especially love the view...everything is so damn assessible :p
  13. thumbs up from the philosipher
  14. i guess its cool till she dumps on your face. :(
  15. you must have horrrrid luck
  16. 69. It's very ergonomical.
  17. Give it a shot on your side if you two have a big height difference or if you're breaking your neck. ;)
  18. Fuck yes I love 69!
    But I tend to lose focus easily...;)
  19. Quoted, for, truth :)

    Ah yeah, you know, I usually didn't do 69 to cum.
    Actually just to get really really turned on, and ofc it wasnt for long til I did cum, actually the both of us.

    Its weird that Ive never seen another 69 appriciation thread. :confused:
    Its So good.
  20. i effing love 69. Its my zodiac (Cancer FTW) and I have a tattoo of it...

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