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Official 2 month break.. Need advice

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bluntbiscuit, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Well everyone i know smokes! They all smoke everyday, and im always around them... what can i do to not smoke?
  2. May have to stay away awhile just to get used to being away from it.
  3. If I were you I wouldn't hang out with my friends for like a week so I get a good start on not burning. After that, keep yourself busy. Exercise, put some time into some hobby that you haven't spent time doing, etc. Good luck!

    PS. With having friends that burn, you'll get tempted to burn again. But remember its not a physical addiction, its a mental addiction, and all you have to do is tell yourself NO. Its easier said than done. :eek:
  4. Play video gaames and sleep as much as you can. Seriously that's about all you can do man sorry. :::eek:
  5. Take a week break instead. and stop being weak. Is it a t-break or looking for a job? If looking for a job, I hope it comes quickly so you can smoke that bowl sooner.
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    Well I honestly feel you man. All my friends smoke too, though only in the weekends. But I stopped about a week ago, and what I personally have found to be a great help is to exercise. I started running, and I love it, actually...

    If you want to try it too, think to yourself: I will run this week. Tell yourself firmly. Not every day. How much you feel like. I.e. every other day.

    Your running route doesn't have to be long or difficult. The whole point is to do something.

    It has helped me a lot! :)

    - Serenity
  7. Weed isn't all that great anyways. Smoking every day is counter-productive, and dulls the potential weed has. Weed IS a drug, should be used like one, and can be abused like one. Enjoy your break, get shit done, and when you get back to toking again you'll appreciate it much more. Smoke on occasion, not every day all day. That's how people become burned out failures, children in adults bodies.

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