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Office Depot Drug Test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jesus310, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Hello GC, I have a detox question as I have my 2nd interview with an office depot manager tomorrow and I do good I get the job that is after a drug test. My question is if I recently started dabbing for atleast a month now rarely smoking bud only wax will I have a good chance of being clean? I bought QCarbo 20 clean and have been drinking water all day since the interview. 
    *Another note I'm 18 5'10 and am pretty skinny for my age at only 134 with a high metabolism could this help a bit? please help!

  2. lol, if anything I would say it puts you at more risk. wax is a concentrate.
  3. you think I could pass if I think a shit load of water since I do infact have a high metabolism? :/
  4. it wouldnt hurt to try, but I wouldnt get my hopes up too high. kind of depends on how frequently you were smoking, but I'm assuming it was too much to matter.
  5. Dude im not going to  sugar coat it. You will not pass in 1 day. I have a super high metabolism and ive pulled off 3 days but after only smoking a few times. Just back out man you wont pass.
  6. well yoou have like 2 weeks to return a drug test anyway.  i work there and when associates hurt theemselves they have to take the test and return it in 2 weeks, they dont show until the 14th day
    so drink water, detox, exercise and you'll be good
  7. Man fuck that than looks like i gotta the synthetic piss shit or whatever!
  8. Drink a ton of water to dilute your urine, take some b12 vitamins to add color back to your urine, and take a creatine supplement to get your creatine levels back up, labs check for creatine in urine to see if it's diluted. I'm not totally sure if this would work but it seems feasible.
  9. Get a quick fix and follow the directions on point and good luck! Make sure on the batch number also
  10. You will be fine. Dab up all you want bro, you will be fine.
  11. *UPDATE*    I ended up using my brothers piss used a small 3oz plastic bottle that had pills in plastic wrappers so i think it was better for me rinsed it out brother pissed in bottle I wore 2 tight boxer briefs and a pair of boxers on top so they wouldn't suspect and I stuffed it under my nuts lmao. Walked to Labcorp signed in waited crossed my legs in the lobby to keep it warm the whole time they called me up i went did my thank and boom that was on Wednesday btw they said 2 days for results it;s friday so I'm waiting and dabbing  :bongin:  :metal:  :smoking:  :smoke: 
  12. I did the same exact thing for a dt a couple months ago..passed with flying colors..even went into the testing place blazed lol i quit the job though it sucked
  13. I took a drug test on wednesday and I called labcorp and they said they reported the results to the company on wednesday but they couldn't tell me the results. Am I in trouble or what? would they have called me right away if I didn't pass?

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