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  1. the idea behind this thread is to list the ways you keep the deer away, whats methods work. i heard once that human piss actually attracts deer. I know you can buy coyote piss or something similar but does anyone really do that?
  2. grow somewhere they dont go :)

    i used to grow in clear cuts in BC and i would pic areas that were very marshy but had an "island" or sorts (a not mushy area) and with DENSE vegetation around, preferable berry bushes with spines. i have never done ANYthing at all with them and they were totally fine. my grows were usually a 4 trip process from planting to harvest. trip 1, plant them/prep soil/area. trip 2, fertilize, trip 3 fertilize/prune, trip 4 harvest (if my timing was off i may have made a trip 5 or 6 just so that the bud is ready.

    the very nice thing about this method is that nothing can get in easily cause its a: surrounded by very soft hard to walk in soil (wet), and b: its hard to get through the bush and c: due to the wet soil beneath the "island" you dont need to go water at all. and its people "proof" as well.....its a nice way of doing it if your in an area similar, and you can have many plots going at once....if the cops find it, you can say you were out hiking.....not sure how to explain the fertilizers though :p

    here is a pic of one of the areas i used.


    deer country
  3. not everyone lives in a place like. i believe there have abeen a few posts about the deer problem so this thread to here to compile a list of solutions. A fence is alot of work to install and expensive
  4. Bought some of this DuPont®
    Deer Netting

    at lowes this year. Works pretty good for the veggie patch at home. 7ftx100ft, very light weight to carry but still pretty tough. Nuther option thats good is some 50 pound test fishing line. Weave that shit around, going up as wel as out kinda like a double fence. Deer hate it cause they can't see :devious: As for urines/soaps/hair all that jazz hasn't worked for me personally. But then where I live the deer are like roaches:mad:
  5. 7 feet works great...but just for the record we saw deer clear 5 foot fences with ease. but 7 is pretty high, doubt they could top that...or try.

    anyone ever try a scare bear?
  6. I use razor wire and bear traps...
  7. My property is boiling with the damn things. If you're not careful you step on them lol. They never touch my stuff. I use some fencing to keep them from trampling them in their first 2 months and use "Liquid Fence" once a week or so, and they never so much as nibble the stuff.

  8. I have a few questions about Liquid Fence. How long does the spray last after putting down. It says " Rain resist " and stuff. I want to do that next year . We have lots of deer where my spot is. But they never touch my shit. Why?
  9. thats a waste of good eggs, i hear you can buy coyote urine.

  10. i dont want my weed to taste liek all those rotten thngs

  11. Ever heard of compost :p

    Just like some people, some deer don't like it. I find deer will rarely eat budding plants; it's the little ones you gotta worry about.
  12. Coyote are not a predator of Mature White Tail Deer. Coyote will however try to find a small fawn that has "bed down". The Coyote urine is more efective for Rabbits. If you live out in the middle of Farm Country like myself. And you are having problems with Deer at nite. You can totally scare them away with noise. They have incredible ears. I downloaded @ 100 different human sound bites off of various free web sites (my favorite is Elmer Fudd saing its Wabbit Season you know). I loaded them onto my pc & played them all nite from my Barn. No more Deer! period...You dont have to play this LOUD,their hearing is waaaaaaay beter than humans. I tested it so that I could barely hear it from our road. It kept them away for @ 1/4 mile. I know this isnt feasable for everyone,but all you need is a human voice @ every 90 secs & it works. If you have ever hunted White Tail,you'll understand. I think that if they are eatin your weed,they are very hungry. If you cant make noise,& they Liquid fence doesnt work. Put out some "feed corn" in an area away from your plants. They'll find it... Peace
  13. Put a glob of human hair around them
  14. fishing line seems to be the most practical. you think if deer eat a huge cola they will get stoned, like the feeling and come back for more, they are mammals like us after all. :rolleyes:
  15. There's probably lots for them to eat, and deer preferr to eat what is familiar. I use a light perimeter spray--about a half gallon altogether for all three plots--about once every week to ten days. I reapply after rain.

    Probably work just fine, but LF poses no salmonella danger to humans--I think your recipe probably would. It's relatively inexpensive anyway. Let the pros deal with that stinkin shit.

    C'mon man. If you ever caught a whiff of this shit you would know that nobody would ever spray it on their herb. Not even a total imbecile.
  16. Dankozee, I dont think they have lots to eat. Thats why they are eating cannabis,which is not familiar to them. The reason I suggested corn is because thats whats around the midwest. We observed White Tail eating dead oak leafs that were at least 6-7 feet off the ground this winter. They didnt want to eat them,they just had nothing else to eat because of the heavy snow cover. Just a thought....
  17. Do you think planting around corn fields would stop deer from munching?
  18. You're absolutely right Mr Balzonya. If they have nothing else they'll eat a tin can--just like any living creature.

    I can only speak from my personal experience. I live in a region where there isn't much other than corn and soybeans. Deer never, ever touch my shit and there are trails that pass less than a 2 feet away from my plots--sometimes on both sides! If they're not touching your shit, it's either because they aren't hungry (they have plenty of other food nearby) or whatever repellent you are using is working.
  19. ok so i think its settled, take the bush you cut and make a fence out of it along with the fishing line. Do you think your own scent from being at the plot will keep them away? I read somewhere that human urine will actually attract deer:cool:
  20. well, i'm affraid you read wrong, lol Deer hate the smell of human urine, or else you would see every hunter peeing under his tree stand instead of spending a ton of money trying to cover his scent. Just a thought:smoking:

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