Offical Grasscity Halo 2 Clan?

Discussion in 'General' started by plumface_2002, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. I know there have to be some Halo 2 players out there, by far the best stoner game ever, besides galaga that is. Anyways, is anyone interested in starting this up? Or just leave your gamertag so i can add you to my friends list.

    mine is: plumface2002 (original, hey?)
  2. sorry but it doesnt sound like a good idea
  3. Ill clan it up. zerone21. lets do it.
  4. yo i'll clan with you homie...i'm gettin Xbox live for x-mas so i'll be on live on december 25 my gamer tag gonna be C Bizzle so if you got an extra spot save it for me
  5. lol @ Halo 2
  6. Im in - joeowens
  7. dude yes whoa what level are you guys? i dont own the game yet but im level 14 in rumble pit and 12 in teamslayer buying it today though just got paid. im really quite good so yeah. when i play high im usually insanely good just completly toned into the game considering all possibilities thinking over every movement of every player remembering respawn times in my head knowing exactly how to flank the opponent in every situation (insanely important) so yeah are you guys anygood? ill play with yall but i might start my own pure teamslayer clan idk yet tho...we need a thread on strategies here.

    btw gamertag- icapitolist
    misspelled for a reason
  8. We'll see after Christmas................................................ (cross your fingers)
  9. hell ya man! that'd be the shit :D...i'm getting halo 2 AND xbox live i havn't decided on my tag name yet.....i'm thinking either of this name (which is kinda bland and boring....RavenousDespair) or a new better name..."DaDankDaddy" (dankdaddy was allready tak'n)..but i dunno yet!!

    :::edit::: but sadly when it comes to online play....i'm a loner...i don't like to be apart of a clan....but since its the grasscity!!...its a big fork in the road for me :D

    so time will tell........time will tell...
  10. Im not all that great only a 7 in the rumble pit. But I feel like I can hold my own for the most part. I play because damn is it a stress reliever. It keeps me from venting on the world.
  11. H2TheiZzo

    i got skillz
  12. Del420, I can't remember my rankings, but I know im around 10 for most of them..
  13. I'll join up tommorow (christmas) I have X-box and my connection (for ps2 also), but I know for sure Im getting x-box live, a mic, and halo 2 for x-mas so yeah... I'll join up tommorow.. I'll hit ya back.
  14. Hey guys, im going online in about 5 minutes. If anyone wants to play with me, hit me up, add me to ur friend list, the gamer tag is B RiDz
  15. xbl gamertag = s0ad05

    I just got the game for xmas so.....just learning

    Im going to play the game for the first time high tommorow. That should be fun :)
  16. Im Magic Hydro
  17. hit me up at RenoUberAlles
  18. I play Halo 2 all the time between hanging out with my best friend and my ex-room mate. I got pretty good at Halo last year when my room mate was obsessed. Now I just need to get an xbox.
  19. Great Idea! My gamertag: AGert

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