Offical *Crack Cocaine* UNAPPRECITATION thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Dawcta Jake, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I hate crack cocaine. I know 3 people who have had their lives absolutely ruined by it. One of these guy's sold his buisness, bought a grand worth of crack, fell off the radar for a week and was found on a park bench passed out by the cops with a big rock on him.

    If you haven't tried crack, dont. Even if you know your not going to get addicted, Just dont, because you never know.

    Oh, and if you smoke crack, and don't like this thread, stay the fuck out of the box.:wave:
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  2. I knew this sentence would appear at some point, or some variation of it. :cool:

    Player shit.
  3. did you just make this thread because of the crack appreciation thread?
  4. Crack is whack yo.
  5. Crack Crack Crack..............................What Is Crack.....How Does It Make You Feel......
    What Are It's Characteristics?????
  6. this threads a total cheap shot considering the real appreciators wouldn't have a computer to defend themselves.
    just kidding around, drugs are drugs
  7. :rolleyes: @ this thread
    and i've never even done it, or will.
  8. No. I dont use crack at all never have hopefully never will but people have the right to speak their mind this is the box:wave:
  9. CRACK IS whack yo
  10. Lol...Pandoras box...
  11. i took a kid to the ghetto to get weed one time
    he put gas in my car and bought a blunt b4 we got there...but when he hopped in my car he pulls out a bag of crack instead of a bag of green so i kicked him out on the worst street...never saw him again lol
  12. its a cool person killer.
  13. crack meth and heroin

    im not gonna touch

    i already know i have a drug abusive personality, and these drugs would just be tempting my fate
  14. its not about what u can see

    its all the shit involved u cant see.

    watch who ur dancing with :smoke:
  15. I'm not quite sure you fully understand the functioning of Pandora's Box.

    The box is a place where telling people off for their choices in drugs is not permitted. It's NOT a place where no one is allowed to disagree with the OP, unless that disagreement is some form of intolerance of the OP's choices.

    So no, your thread needs to stay the fuck out of the box, if anything, genius.

    The reason the box is here is for people who might smoke crack or pretty much anything else to talk about it.

    (I mean, I don't see a big problem with the thread, but that one bitchy, ill fitting comment kind of blew it, ehh?)
  16. I don't know why someone would resort to using crack, but then again if you told me 5 years ago that I'd enjoy snorting oxycontin I'd have thought you were crazy.

  17. Not really, thats just my opinion. If you smoke crack, and don't like my thread, then stay out of the box.
  18. What is even the point of this thread at all? Did you wake up on the wrong side of the best today and want to whine to everyone?

    Crack isn't even in my vocabulary, nor have I ever tried it, but seriously, why bother making this thread?
  19. Btw - the quickest way to start an e-fight is to say "if you don't like it, stay out of my thread".

    Guess what, it ain't your thread buddy. Once you post it, it belongs to the board itself and is no longer yours. Last I checked you weren't a moderator either, so you have NO right to tell anyone what to do on this message board or any other.
  20. haha.

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